The Pleasure of Penetration

The Pleasure of Penetration, released in 1990, is the first full-length album by Leæther Strip. It was released on Zoth Ommog.

The Pleasure of Penetration
Studio album by
GenreIndustrial, EBM
LabelZoth Ommog
ProducerClaus Larsen, Talla 2XLC, Ra/Hen
Leæther Strip chronology
The Pleasure of Penetration
Science for the Satanic Citizen

Track listingEdit

  1. Die - Die - Die
  2. Touchdown Breakdown
  3. Razor Blades (Go Berserk)
  4. Leather Strip - Part I
  5. Leather Strip - Part II
  6. Khomeini
  7. Body - Machine - Body
  8. Go Fuck Your Ass Off!

CD bonus tracks:

  1. Break My Back
  2. Change!

The 2007 remastered edition adds the following tracks:

  1. Japanese Bodies
  2. Battleground
  3. Leæther Strip Part II Re-animated
  4. Fit for Flogging
  5. Murder

The 2007 edition contains also a second CD of remakes of the songs of the album called The Pleasure of Reproduction.