Hocico (Spanish pronunciation: [oˈsiko]) is a Mexican electro-industrial duo.

Hocico Live at Lunario, México, D.F. (Erk on front, and Racso in the background)
Hocico Live at Lunario, México, D.F. (Erk on front, and Racso in the background)
Background information
OriginMexico City, Mexico
GenresElectro-industrial, aggrotech
Years active1993–present
LabelsOut of Line Music
MembersRacso Agroyam
Erk Aicrag


Erk Aicrag (Vocals and Lyrics) and Racso Agroyam (Synths), two angry survivors of the physical and mental violence rising daily on the streets of Mexico City, emerged in 1993 as Hocico, a hard-electro act that lashes out against the deteriorating human spirit with compassion and rage.

The duo was officially formed in 1993 by Erk Aicrag (Erik Garcia), who sings the lyrics and vocals, and Racso Agroyam (Oscar Mayorga), who does programming, but both cousins had been experimenting with electronic music, mixing industrial and EBM, since they were fifteen years old. Their music can be described as electro-industrial. Given the influence of varying currents of electronic music (mainly Skinny Puppy) they began their trajectory in 1989 in a project called "Niñera Degenerada". Their lyrics are both in Spanish as well as English. The Spanish word hocico means snout, and is used in Mexico as a disrespectful way to describe someone's comments coming out of their mouth.

Racso and Erk Constantly exploring new musical concepts, Hocico creates dark and aggressive sounds: nightmarish atmospheres, classical landscapes, and driving beats charged with adrenaline and fury. They channel the violence, isolation, and social misconduct of Mexico City into their music to exhibit what society has wronged - letting the music speak for itself.

After being active for 27 years in the underground scene Hocico has become one of the most influential bands of the harder electronic music genre.

Erk and Racso persistently push themselves to be drivers and innovators in the worldwide dark and industrial scene.

Hocico’s trademark talent creates memorable melodies and a highly creative sound design to get club-compatible hell ride with addictive qualities.

Hocico is one of the most active bands in the underground music scene, both live and in the studio. They have released 9 albums, a handful of live DVD’s and countless singles to date.

Agroyam has a side project called Dulce Liquido, while Aicrag has one called Rabia Sorda.


Hocico at Amphi Festival 2014 in Cologne, Germany
Erk Aicrag, 2014
Racso Agroyam, 2014



Available in Compact Cassette

  • Misuse, Abuse And Accident (1993)
  • Autoagresión Persistente (1994)
  • Triste Desprecio (1996)



  • El Día De La Ira (1998)
  • Cursed Land (1998)
  • Aquí Y Ahora En El Silencio (2000)
  • El Día De La Ira Re-released (2002)
  • Silent Wrath (2002) Available in Signos de Aberración Limited Edition
  • Disidencia Inquebrantable (2003)
  • Maldiciones Para Un Mundo En Decadencia (2004) Available in Wrack And Ruin Limited Edition
  • Scars (2006) Available in A Traves De Mundos Que Arden DVD Limited Edition
  • About A Dead (2007)
  • The Day The World Stopped (2008) Available in Memorias Atrás Digipack Edition


  • Untold Blasphemies (2001)
  • Born to be Hated (2004)
  • Not Like You (Apestas! Version)(2006) Promo Single
  • The Shape Of Things To Come (2007) Limited Edition 1000 copies
  • Dog Eat Dog (2010) Limited Edition
  • Bite Me (2011)
  • Vile Whispers (2012)
  • In the Name of Violence (2015)
  • Forgotten Tears (2015)
  • I, Abomination (2017)
  • Spider Bites (2017)
  • Dark Sunday (2019)
  • Psychonaut (2019)
  • Cross the Line (feat. Tragedy of Mine) (2019)


  • Los Hijos Del Infierno (1998)
  • Tierra Eléctrica (1999)
  • Blasphemies In The Holy Land (Live in Israel) (2005) Limited to 2000 copies Recorded Live By Maor Appelbaum
  • Tora! Tora! Tora! (2008)
  • Blood on the Red Square (2011)
  • Die Hölle Über Berlin (2014)


Amphi Festival 2017
  • Born To Be (Hated) (2004)
  • Wrack And Ruin 2LP (2004) Boxset Limited to 1000 copies
  • Dog Eat Dog (2010) Limited to 666 copies

Mini CDsEdit

  • Untold Blasphemies (2001)
  • Born To Be (Hated) (2004)


  • A Traves De Mundos Que Arden (2006)
  • Blood On The Red Square (2011)
  • Die Hölle über Berlin (2014)

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