The Rebirth of Agony

The Rebirth of Agony is the 7th album by Leæther Strip.

The Rebirth of Agony
Studio album by
Leaether Strip
GenreElectro-industrial, EBM
LabelZoth Ommog
Leaether Strip chronology
Legacy of Hate and Lust
The Rebirth of Agony

Track listingEdit

  1. You Know Where To Put It
  2. Life is Painful (Bastard)
  3. Switch On - Switch Off
  4. Lies to Tell
  5. My Mind is My Master
  6. How Do I Know?
  7. The Edge of Anger
  8. I Want You Hard
  9. Take Care of Me
  10. Anger is a Part of Me
  11. Make My Blood Boil
  12. Fool!