The Gospel in Solentiname

The Gospel in Solentiname (Spanish: El Evangelio en Solentiname) is a collection of commentary on the Christian gospels, written by Ernesto Cardenal.[1] Originally published in four Spanish-language volumes between 1975 and 1977,[2] English translations appeared in 1976, 1978, 1979, and 1982[3] and became available in a single volume in 2010.[4] The commentary was made by a group of peasants in Solentiname, an archipelago in Nicaragua.[4]

Cardenal held these discussions during the peak of the Cold War, when Nicaragua was ruled by the Somoza dictatorship. These discussions became a way to address issues such as class conflict and government suppression through gospel-centred discussions, analysis, and action.[5][page needed] The Gospel in Solentiname contained radical readings of the gospels, stating that the God of the Bible is a God that sides with the poor, because God is love, and love can only exist with accordance with equality and justice.[6][additional citation(s) needed]

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