Tennessee State Route 272

State Route 272 (SR 272) is a 22.4 miles (36.0 km) long north-south state highway located entirely within Marshall County in Middle Tennessee.[1]

State Route 272 marker

State Route 272
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length22.4 mi (36.0 km)
Major junctions
South end SR 129 in Archer
  US 31A in Lewisburg

US 431 / US 31A Bus. / US 431 Bus. in Lewisburg
North end SR 99 near Chapel Hill
Highway system
SR 271SR 273

Route descriptionEdit

SR 272 begins at an intersection with SR 129 in the community of Archer. It winds its way north as a two-lane highway through mountains for several miles before passing through farmland to enter Lewisburg, where it comes to an intersection and becomes concurrent with US 31A/SR 106. They bypass downtown as a four-lane undivided highway along the east side, where they pass through both residential and business areas and become concurrent with US 431 at an intersection with US 431 Business/SR 50. The highway then curves to the northwest to cross a bridge over a creek before coming to an intersection with US 31A Business/US 431 Business/SR 11, where US 31A and SR 272 split from US 431/SR 106 to follow SR 11 north. SR 272 splits off shortly thereafter and leaves Lewisburg to pass through a mix of farmland and wooded areas as a two-lane highway for the next several miles, where it passes through the community of Verona. The highway then crosses a bridge over the Duck River shortly before coming to an end at an intersection with SR 99 just a few miles southwest of Chapel Hill.[2]

Major intersectionsEdit

The entire route is in Marshall County.

Archer0.00.0  SR 129 (New Ostella Road/Brown Shop Road) – Cornersville, PetersburgSouthern terminus
Lewisburg  US 31A south (S Ellington Parkway/SR 106 south) – Cornersville, PulaskiSouthern end of US 31A/SR 106 concurrency
  US 431 south (E Commerce Street/SR 50 east) – Petersburg, Fayetteville
  US 431 Bus. north (E Commerce Street/SR 50 west) – Downtown
Southern end of US 431 concurrency; southern terminus of US 431 Business
  US 431 north (N Ellington Parkway/SR 106 north) – Columbia, Franklin
   US 31A Bus. south / US 431 Bus. south (Verona Avenue/SR 11 south) – Downtown
Northern end of US 431/SR 106 concurrency; southern end of SR 11 concurrency; northern terminus of US 31A Business/US 431 Business
  US 31A north (Nashville Highway/SR 11 north) – Chapel HillNorthern end of US 31A/SR 11 concurrency; provides access to Henry Horton State Park
Alex Allen Memorial Bridge over the Duck River
22.436.0  SR 99 (Sylvester Chunn Highway) – Columbia, Chapel HillNorthern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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