Tennessee State Route 129

State Route 129 (SR 129) is a 49.22 mile long east-west state highway in the hills of southern Middle Tennessee.

State Route 129 marker

State Route 129
Route information
Maintained by TDOT
Length49.22 mi (79.21 km)
Major junctions
West end US 31 in Waco
  I-65 near Cornersville

US 31A in Cornersville
US 431 / SR 130 in Petersburg

US 231 north of Fayetteville
East end SR 55 in Lynchburg
CountiesGiles, Marshall, Lincoln, Moore
Highway system
US 129SR 130

Route descriptionEdit

SR 129 begins in Giles County in Waco at an intersection with US 31/SR 7. It goes east to pass through Lynnville before passing through farmland in a narrow valley to cross into Marshall County. The highway then has an interchange with I-65 (Exit 27) before winding its way hilly terrain to enter Cornersville and coming to an intersection with US 31A/SR 11. SR 129 becomes concurrent with US 31A/SR 11 and they turn south along Main Street to pass through town before SR 129 splits off and goes east through farmland to have an intersection with SR 272 in Archer. It then enters Petersburg, where it has short concurrencies with US 431/SR 50 and SR 130. The highway crosses into Lincoln County in downtown at the split with SR 130. SR 129 passes through town along Railroad Street before making a left onto Water Street to leave Petersburg and continue east through farmland. It then begins winding its way through hilly terrain to have a short concurrency with US 231/SR 10 along the Lincoln-Moore county line. The highway then crosses fully into Moore County and winds its way east through hills before entering Lynchburg and coming to an end at an intersection with SR 55 in the southern part of town. The entire route of SR 129 is a two-lane rural highway.[1]

Major intersectionsEdit

GilesWaco0.00.0  US 31 (Columbia Highway/SR 7) – Pulaski, ColumbiaWestern terminus
Marshall  I-65 – Huntsville, NashvilleI-65 exit 27
Cornersville  US 31A north (N Main Street/SR 11 north) – LewisburgWestern end of US 31A/SR 11 concurrency
  US 31A south (Sam Davis Highway/SR 11 south) – PulaskiEastern end of US 31A/SR 11 concurrency
Archer  SR 272 north (Ostella Road) – LewisburgSouthern terminus of SR 272
Petersburg  US 431 north (Fayetteville Highway/SR 50 west) – LewisburgWestern end of US 431/SR 50 concurrency
   US 431 south (Buchanan Street/SR 50 east) / SR 130 begins – FayettevilleEastern end of US 431/SR 50 concurrency; western terminus of SR 130; western end of SR 130 concurrency
county line
  SR 130 east (N High Street) – ShelbyvilleEastern end of SR 130 concurrency
county line
  US 231 north (Shelbyville Highway/SR 10 north) – ShelbyvilleWestern end of US 231/SR 10 concurrency
county line
  US 231 south (Shelbyville Highway/SR 10 south) – FayettevilleEastern end of US 231/SR 10 concurrency
MooreLynchburg49.2279.21  SR 55 (Majors Boulevard/Fayetteville Highway) – Fayetteville, Winchester, TullahomaEastern terminus
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi


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