Tema Development Corporation

Tema Development Coroporation is a public entity tasked with the planning and development of the entire city of Tema, Ghana.[1] In conjunction with the State Housing Corporation it "develops and provides affordable housing to the public".[2] The corporation has been instrumental in developing the harbour area of Tema in particular, with modern housing.[3]


The Corporation was set up in 1952 with the sole aim to develop and manage the township of Tema.[4] In 1963, the Tema Development Corporation Act was passed.[5] In recent years the corporation has had much investment from Korea, including plans, as of 2013, to build a new stadium, an idea which proved unpopular with squatters.[6] The first chief executive officer of the Corporation was Theodore S. Clerk, the first Ghanaian architect and award-winning urban planner who served in the CEO position from 1963 after the enactment of the statute, until 1965.[7]


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