Tayga railway station

Tayga (Russian: Тайга-Главная) is a major junction railway station on the West Siberian Railway in Russia. The biggest railway station of Tayga and one of the biggest in Russia.[3]

West Siberian Railway terminal
Taiga station.jpg
View of the station from platform 3.
LocationTayga, Russia
Coordinates56°03′44″N 85°37′48″E / 56.0621°N 85.6300°E / 56.0621; 85.6300Coordinates: 56°03′44″N 85°37′48″E / 56.0621°N 85.6300°E / 56.0621; 85.6300
Owned byRussian Railways (West Siberian Railway)
Platforms3 (2 island platforms)
Other information
Station code873308[1]
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After the completion of the Siberian Railway in Central Siberia was an unmarked junction, where the railway went to Tomsk. Later the siding was called Tomsk-Tayozhny, and in 1913, was renamed into Tayga.

The design and construction of the station was attended by Russian engineer and writer Garin-Mikhailovsky.

After construction of the bypass railway and the construction of another station in the town of Tayga (Tayga-2) for a long time, the station was called Tayga-1. However, in the 1990s after partial disassembly of a bypass road and Tayga-2 conversion in the siding, the station again became known as Tayga (without a number).[4]

During the use of steam locomotives required much water. First it was acquired from wells and serving on the speakers using a typical water tower. But eventually the water no longer sufficed and it was necessary to build a water pipeline from the Yaya river, where a dam and a pumping station were built.[5]



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