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Tarnaka is a major residential and industrial Locality in Hyderabad, Telangana, India. Tarnaka literally translates as "wired checkpost". In the local language (Urdu) Tar means wire/cable and naka means check post. Tarnaka used to have a vineyard during the Nizams period. An area called Kimtee colony got its name from the vineyards called Keemthi Gardens.[1]

Tarnaka is located in Telangana
Location in Telangana, India
Tarnaka is located in India
Tarnaka (India)
Coordinates: 17°25′40″N 78°32′10″E / 17.4279°N 78.5360°E / 17.4279; 78.5360Coordinates: 17°25′40″N 78°32′10″E / 17.4279°N 78.5360°E / 17.4279; 78.5360
Country India
DistrictHyderabad District
 • BodyGHMC
 • OfficialTelugu
Time zoneUTC+5:30 (IST)
Vehicle registrationTS 10
Lok Sabha constituencySecunderabad
Vidhan Sabha constituencySecunderabad
Planning agencyGHMC

Another explanation for the naming of area lies in fact that there used to be old telegraph office where people came to telegraph from far so people used to refer to the area as "Tar" (which also means telegram) "Naka". There is still a BSNL office at the junction. The former chief minister of Andhra Pradesh Chenna Reddy was a resident of Tarnaka. St. Ann's school was a landmark few decades back; it was a white building, hence the area was also called "White House". Osmania university is located in this area.



The area was predominantly inhabited by Tamils (primarily Mudaliars) a few decades back. As time passed they moved out and the Mudaliars,[2] who were camp followers of the British, made immense contributions for the growth of education and health care. This explained the growth of the Secunderabad Club from a public room,[3] as stated by Narendra Luther, who is an authority in Hyderabad history. This area had big vineyards and every nook and corner was checkered with large trees.

Until the IT boom hit Hyderabad, this place was one of the most serene ones to reside, with large bungalows and villas. The huge mango, gulmohar, Ashoka and tamarind trees spread over the roads provided huge shadows and an extremely pleasant feel in hot summer. Tarnaka was a well planned and organized place which old timers would swear. At turn of the new millennium — with IT revolution hitting hard with large influx of population and settlers — the area swelled with many more apartments and commercial buildings giving a complete new look. The tree canopy was so dense that people never needed to bother about shade in summer. Even today the area does have its trees and vegetation which may not be as dense but still has the glimpses of past glory. South Lallaguda is a nearby area where people call it a Little England.

Commercial areaEdit

The shopping area has big shopping malls like Big Bazaar and corner grocery stores. Tarnaka has shops which cater to all possible needs. There is a cinema theater called Aradhana 70 mm, which is visited by Osmania University students and residents.


Tarnaka is well connected by TSRTC and the Hyderabad Metro.


iris Florets International play school

Sunrise Kindergarten School

Technology InstitutionsEdit


  • Prasad Hospitals
  • Innova Children's Hospital for Heart
  • Suraksha Children's Hospital
  • Tarnaka Eye Care Center


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