The Tanafjord or Tanafjorden (Northern Sami: Deanuvuotna) is a large fjord in Troms og Finnmark county, Norway. It is located in the municipalities of Tana, Gamvik, and Berlevåg. Its orientation is mainly north-south, reaching approximately 65 kilometres (40 mi) from the small village of Smalfjord in Tana Municipality in the south to the mouth of the fjord at the Barents Sea. The fjord separates the Nordkinn Peninsula (Gamvik Municipality) in the west from the Varanger Peninsula (Berlevåg Municipality) in the east.[1]

View of the fjord
Tanafjorden is located in Troms og Finnmark
Location of the fjord
Tanafjorden is located in Norway
Tanafjorden (Norway)
LocationTroms og Finnmark county, Norway
Coordinates70°46′48″N 28°27′03″E / 70.7800°N 28.4508°E / 70.7800; 28.4508Coordinates: 70°46′48″N 28°27′03″E / 70.7800°N 28.4508°E / 70.7800; 28.4508
Native nameDeanuvuotna
Primary inflowsTana River
Primary outflowsBarents Sea
Basin countriesNorway
Max. length65 kilometres (40 mi)
Max. width8 to 12 km (5.0 to 7.5 mi)

The Tana River empties into the southern part of the fjord. There are several side fjords which branch off of the main Tanafjorden including the Hopsfjorden, Langfjorden, and Gulgofjorden. There are some settlements along the fjord, but they are all small and rather isolated. Settlements include the villages of Vestertana, Austertana, Trollfjorden, Skjånes, Nervei, and Store Molvik. Norwegian County Road 98 and Norwegian County Road 890 run along the southern parts of the fjord.[1]

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