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Merge Gogyo to this articleEdit

Poorly written article, with odd phrasing and capitalization (why is "Five" capitalized but "elements" isn't?), misspellings, and dubious romanizations. Does not provide any more worthwhile insight other than where the theory was transmitted from (how about more information on what this theory is really about, what makes it sufficiently distinctive from Wuxing for it to merit its own article?). Justified with irrelevant/unreliable sources such as reverso (a dictionary, that at best could provide a romanization) and an obscure website with "wiki" in its name. Ridiculous claim that this merely "relates" to Wuxing, because it's most likely DERIVES from Wuxing. Finally, the Japanese Wikipedia does not feel the need to split, so what's with this weird obsession on the English side? Mazamadao (talk) 03:30, 26 August 2021 (UTC)