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GDP numbers (PPP), (currency), during 2003. $50.4 trillion, per person that's $8000(50.4/0.0063).

Per capita GDP growth rates: [1] set the 1950 PPP GDP at $6.8 trillion, [2] set the population at 2,555,360,972, that makes the per capita GDP $2,661 in 1950, compared with 2003 there's a 201% increase, that's 2.1% a year (2661*x^53=8000).

Since 1993s $6,599 (36.5/5,531,014,635) it's 1.9% a year (6599*1.9^10=8000). As a comparison, the IMF database put the PPP GDP at $30 trillion during 1993 ([3]), that's $5,424 per person (30/5.531). That's a 4.0% per year growth rate (5424*1.04^10=8000) - Jerryseinfeld 00:38, 4 Dec 2004 (UTC)


This article says that China is the second largest economy in the world, but the economy of China article says its the sixth. huh? The bellman 14:41, 2005 Mar 24 (UTC)

More ChinaEdit

Yes, I noticed the discrepency about China, too. Wikipedia's article on largest economies,

lists China as the sixth largest, while this article says it is second. This may be due to difficulty in measuring China's economy. Does anyone have a source we can quote? Carax 8 July 2005 02:51 (UTC)

Import / export numbers are totally fucked upEdit

# Yearly exports: $1.1 trillion (f.o.b., 2002 est.)
# Yearly imports: $2.5 trillion (f.o.b., 2002 est.)

These two numbers are by definition exactly equal. Actually, due to various accounting issues they might differ by a few %, but this is just ridiculous.

20 largest economies pie chart - CriticismEdit

The Pie chart does not indicate (i) What data it represents (ie: an external citation of its data source), (ii) Whether it represents purchasing power parity or otherwise (ie: Nominal GDP), (iii) When (ie: time period over which) it is valid. CLEARLY, the tabulated data within the article IS referenced/cited BUT not the illustration itself. Further, the illustration could be argued to be misleading of the de facto state of affairs BY NOT representing the EU as a single continguous economy (though I am willing to accept arguments to the effect that the Chart is meant to represent nation states only). It is noted that the chart based upon GDP(PPP) will lead to a significantly different graphical depiction (as can be cleaned from the "List of the 25 largest economies by GDP (PPP) at their peak level of GDP in millions US$" in the article).

The graphical depiction is clearly factually misleading if one believes that PPP indicates a truer state of affairs for the world (we would hope that Wikipedia does not mislead the masses - which, of course, is a delusional hope).

ASavantDude (talk) 00:32, 23 May 2018 (UTC)

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