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First paragraphEdit

I deleted the word "notable" in the first paragraph where it said "with the notable exception of football" because I think the word doesn't add anything and because I think it may compromise neutrality. Viewed from a different point of view, one might argue that it's equally notable that UVA leads the series in all of the sports listed except football, so it boils down to an opinion issue on what is "notable" and what is not. (Consider that traditionally many folks at ACC schools would consider basketball to be the most "notable" sport.) It seems to me that the point is made with equal validity if the sentence just says "with the exception of football." 1995hoo 15:35, 1 November 2007 (UTC)

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Blacksburg, VA anonymous phone IP address and removal of sports contested in the rivalryEdit

An anonymous Blacksburg phone-based IP address has recently been removing content from this article about which sports are played and not played in the rivalry. I think it's obvious that this information pertains to the rivalry, and paints a complete picture of why it is the way it is. Please comment here if you are a regular contributor to this article and would like to weigh in. The quoted material that Anonymous deletes is below:

The programs do not square off in all sports, as Virginia Tech does not field as many teams. For instance, the celebrated UVA men's lacrosse team (Hall of Fame UVA coach Dom Starsia is the winningest Division I men's lacrosse coach in history, with multiple national titles), has never played against a Hokie team and is therefore not a participant in the Clash. Virginia Tech does have a women's lacrosse team, but has yet to field a squad to compete in the men's game. Other ACC varsity sports Virginia fields teams in, but Virginia Tech does not, are field hockey and rowing (another sport where UVA won recent NCAA titles, in 2010 and 2012). Neither program sponsors men's or women's fencing, the only ACC sport that UVA does not have.

I propose to keep it but perhaps make it more NPOV (drop the word "celebrated," perhaps).

Omnibus (talk) 19:04, 7 March 2016 (UTC)