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WikiProject Virginia Tech (Rated NA-class)
This page is within the scope of WikiProject Virginia Tech, a collaborative effort to improve the coverage of Virginia Tech on Wikipedia. If you would like to participate, please visit the project page, where you can join the discussion and see a list of open tasks.
 NA  This page does not require a rating on the project's quality scale.

Recommendations for improving the main Virginia Tech article:Edit

  • Create a separate article for the history of Virginia Tech
  • Provide a paragraph or two about Virginia Tech’s student government
  • Provide a paragraph or two about the many different student organizations available
  • Provide more granularity into Virginia Tech’s research centers, initiatives, and activities
  • Create a separate article providing more detail about Virginia Tech’s libraries
  • Create a separate article for Virginia Tech’s Housing
  • Improve the List of Virginia Tech Alumni
  • Create a separate article listing the notable Virginia Tech faculty and administrators
  • Create a separate article for Virginia Tech’s Museums
  • Provide a paragraph or two about Virginia Tech’s media outlets
  • Provide a paragraph or two about Virginia Tech’s transportation
  • Provide a paragraph or two about scholarships available to students

Go Hokies (talk) 02:04, 17 November 2015 (UTC)

Go HokiesEdit

Go Hokies taking home another bowl win!!!! (I Dan tha Man I (talk) 05:42, 28 December 2015 (UTC))

Virginia Tech College of Architecture and Urban StudiesEdit

Was wondering if someone from this WikiProject would mind taking a look at Virginia Tech College of Architecture and Urban Studies#History? It's a recently added section which seems to based only upon information found on the department's official website. Some of the information may be OK, but some of it may be better summarized per WP:NOTEVERYTHING and WP:NPOV. -- Marchjuly (talk) 06:32, 3 February 2017 (UTC)

Visible Wiki WomenEdit


We invite you to join the VisibleWikiWoman challenge to make notable women more visible on Wikipedia. We know that during your edit-a-thon several articles will be created or improved. We encourage you to also look for photos or illustrations for these biographies, and upload them to Wikimedia Commons in the VisibleWikiWomen category or through our upload wizard.

Here are some resources that can help, to learn what kind of images can be uploaded to Commons and how to do it.

If you have questions or need help, do not hesitate to contact me.

Have a successful day of editing! --Señoritaleona (talk) 22:50, 23 March 2018 (UTC)

Change of OpinionEdit

A few years ago I turned down an invite to work on the project, is there a way I can still join? (I Dan tha Man I (talk) 17:14, 29 September 2018 (UTC))

Request for information on WP1.0 web toolEdit

Hello and greetings from the maintainers of the WP 1.0 Bot! As you may or may not know, we are currently involved in an overhaul of the bot, in order to make it more modern and maintainable. As part of this process, we will be rewriting the web tool that is part of the project. You might have noticed this tool if you click through the links on the project assessment summary tables.

We'd like to collect information on how the current tool is used! How do you yourself and the other maintainers of your project use the web tool? Which of its features do you need? How frequently do you use these features? And what features is the tool missing that would be useful to you? We have collected all of these questions at this Google form where you can leave your response. Walkerma (talk) 04:25, 27 October 2019 (UTC)

New MemberEdit

Hello all. I'm working on a page to be added that will likely be connected to the Virginia Tech category. I hope it is okay if I add myself to the member list (I'm just guessing that this group is just voluntary). FelixThePhoenix (talk) 21:40, 19 February 2020 (UTC)