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Murule is a Somali Hawiye clan sometimes also called Beesha Murule and written as just Murule or Murale, are Jidle Sub Tribe of The Gungundhabe Hawiye Branch of the Somalis Tribe. [1]

Murule live in several areas of the Greater Somalia. While some live in Upper Tip of Kenya in Mandera County, Somalia Murule live in Qansax Dheere, Waajid, Xudur, Bardaale, BuulaMareer, Qoryooley, Saakoow, Jilib, Bardheere, Afmadoow, Beledweeyne iyo Xamar Mogadishu. In Ethiopia, Somali RegionThey live in Mustaxiil, Godeey and Harar - Erer Region around Mayu Muluqo, Qubi and Baabili areas. In Shinile Regions around mieyso bordering Dire Dawa.

The Murule community comes from the Larger Jidle Tribe, who infact are Step Fathers of the Jijeele and Baadicade clans, who form Gugundhaba Hawiye. Jidle reside in Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia and Djibouti. Around 1890, some murule communities moved from the actual second abode in Hiiraan state of Somalia to Present day Kenya North Eastern Province of Mandera County.

Lafey Constituency Hon. Abdi Mude.png

When Murule settled in present day Kenya, around Mandera County and Wajir Counties.....Read, Mandera East Constituency, Lafey Constituency upto Elwak and parts of Wajir County...It was at the request of Sultan Shaba Aliyow of Garre to settle in Mandera after Murule Ugaas(Leader) Adan Hirsi and Dalahow Noor requested friendship with the Garre, their request were rejected but their allowed them to settle.Mandera was then known as Gurreh District.[2]

Notable Names in Murule clan include Ugas Adan Hersi, Dalahow Noor, Abdinoor Geesey, Xaji Gudhow, Current Sultan(Leader) Haji Mohamud Khalif, [3] Current MP for Mandera Township Mandera East Constituency, Hon. Omar Maalim, Current MP for Lafey, Hon. Abdi Mude, Former Member of Parliament Hon. Shaaban Ali Issack, Former Member of Parliament Hon. Abdille Maalim, Former Member of Parliament Late Hon. Abdullahi Abajan, Former Member of Parliament, Hon. Mohamed Ethiopia

Murule are part of the Somali

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Beesha Murule Weeytaan Jidle Gugundhabe Hawiye Irir Samaale(Somali) are an indegenious somali clan that inhabits Kenya, Somalia, Ethiopia Somali Region as well in many diaspora like Djibouti, Somaliland. The Community is an Original Somali clan having descended from IRIR SAMAALE, The Son of Samaale, sometimes pronounced as SOMALI. Murule live in Herer Region of Ethiopia, Mustaxiil Region, Godeey, Hiiraan, Mandera, Bakool as well as Jubaland. Abdikhalik Muhumad (talk) 20:10, 10 November 2021 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Murule is Somali clan, Part of one of the large clan families HAWIYE Gugundabe .Murule weyteen jidle The Majority live in Somali Mogadishu And Part of Hirshabelee As Well in Kenya Majority in Mandera county And also they are living in Somali region of Ethiopia especially mustahil,fig Godey . 2C0F:FE38:2241:3FB9:1:0:5B90:3F9 (talk) 11:51, 3 September 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]