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He will compete, was Kazakhstan's flag bearer - tempus problems? And never this is getting an article. The games are over since some weeks and like in so much other "articles", he will compete. NO! He HAS. The articles about olympic sportspeople here on en are so often so unbeleavable bad, it can't be true! Marcus Cyron (talk) 23:02, 2 April 2010 (UTC)


Well, considering a lot of the Olympic athlete pages I created were done in response to the individual flag bearers in the immediate aftermath of the Opening Ceremony and before they had competed, the tense makes sense. I'm sorry that over the course of updating Olympic results pages and various other pages over the last few months, along with finishing college and living my life, I haven't been able to update the pages of the more obscure athletes. It's just too bad that I'm expected to be the only one who cares about these athletes (or at least the only one to do anything about when I know there are thousands of sports fans using Wikipedia everyday). DB1985 (talk) 13 August 2010