Talaud Islands

Talaud Islands (Indonesian: Kepulauan Talaud) is a group of islands located north of Sulawesi island in Indonesia, north-east of the Sangihe Islands.[3] The Talaud Islands are also the northernmost region of Eastern Indonesia, bordering south of the Philippines' Davao Region. The group, with a total area of 495 square miles (1,281 square km), includes Karakelong (the largest), Salibabu, Kabaruan, and numerous islets. The coast of Karakelong Island is steep except on the southern shore, which is fringed by a wide reef. The seven tiny Nanusa Islands lie north-east of Karakelong. They are forested and with hills rising to 2,231 feet (680 metres).[4]

Talaud Islands
Native name:
Kepulauan Talaud
ID Talaud islands.PNG
Talaud Islands location
Lokasi Sulawesi Utara Kabupaten Kepulauan Talaud.svg
Talaud Islands location in North Sulawesi
LocationSouth-east Asia
Major islandsKaburuan, Karakelong, Salibabu
Area1,281 km2 (495 sq mi)
ProvinceNorth Sulawesi
RegencyTalaud Islands Regency
Population83,441[1][2] (2010)
Additional information
Time zone


The islands were declared a regency of North Sulawesi in 2000 as Kabupaten Kepulauan Talaud. Talaud's capital is Melonguane.

The largest islands of the Talaud group are Karakelong Island, Salibabu Island, Kabaruan, the Nanusa Islands (the largest of which are Merampit and Karatung) and Miangas to the north. Population was 83,441 according to the 2010 census;[5] the latest official estimate (as at 2018) is 91,599.[6]

Grouping Talaud together with Sangihe, there are 77 islands in the Talaud-Sangihe archipelagos, of which 56 are inhabited. The total population of the Talaud and Sangihe islands was 209,574 in 2010.[5]

Most of the population are involved in agriculture, which includes coconuts, vanilla, nutmeg, and cloves. Numerous volcanoes produce very fertile volcanic soil on many of the islands.[7] The Austronesian Talaud language is spoken on the islands.

Both Sangihe and Talaud have small airstrips serviced by Express Air and Wings Air.[8] Talaud Airport also serves as a transit point for flights to Miangas, one of the Indonesia's outlying island located close to Davao, Philippines.

The region is regularly rocked by large earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, as the Molucca Sea Plate is being consumed in both directions.[9]

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