Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Park

The Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Park (traditional Chinese: 台灣原住民文化園區; simplified Chinese: 台湾原住民文化园区; pinyin: Táiwān Yuán Zhùmín Wénhuà Yuánqū) is a cultural park about Taiwanese aborigines in Beiye Village, Majia Township, Pingtung County, Taiwan.

Taiwan Indigenous Peoples Cultural Park
LocationMajia, Pingtung County, Taiwan
Coordinates22°42′25.7″N 120°39′08.4″E / 22.707139°N 120.652333°E / 22.707139; 120.652333Coordinates: 22°42′25.7″N 120°39′08.4″E / 22.707139°N 120.652333°E / 22.707139; 120.652333
Typecultural center


The cultural park was originally established in 1987 as Machia Aboriginal Cultural Village.[1]


The cultural park spans over an area of 82.65 hectares.[2] It is divided into four areas, which are welcoming district, Tamaluwan district, Naluwan district and Fuguwan district.[3]


The cultural park exhibits the lifestyle and cultural heritage of the nine main aboriginal tribes in Taiwan.[4][5]

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