Taipei Nan Shan Plaza

Taipei Nan Shan Plaza (Chinese: 臺北南山廣場; pinyin: Táiběi Nánshān Guǎngchǎng) is a skyscraper in Xinyi Special District, Xinyi, Taipei, Taiwan. It is the second tallest building in Taipei (after Taipei 101) and the third tallest building in Taiwan (after Taipei 101 and 85 Sky Tower).[1] As of 2019, it is the 146th-tallest building in Asia and 248th-tallest building in the world.

Taipei Nan Shan Plaza
Taipei Nan Shan Plaza 201911.jpg
Taipei Nan Shan Plaza in 2019
General information
TypeOffice building, department store
LocationXinyi District, Taipei
Coordinates25°02′04″N 121°34′01″E / 25.0344°N 121.5669°E / 25.0344; 121.5669Coordinates: 25°02′04″N 121°34′01″E / 25.0344°N 121.5669°E / 25.0344; 121.5669
Construction started17 December 2014
Opened11 June 2018
Height272 meters (892 ft)
Technical details
Floor count48 (and 4 basement floors)
Floor area193,843 m2 (2,086,510 sq ft)
Design and construction
Architecture firmMitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Inc.


It was designed by Japanese architecture firm Mitsubishi Jisho Sekkei Inc. The height of building is 272 m, the floor area is 192,154.99m2, and it comprises 48 floors above ground, as well as 5 basement levels. The lower level shopping mall is operated by Breeze Center.

The architectural plan of Taipei Nan Shan Plaza consists of three parts: a 7-story complex mall, a 48-story tower, and a diamond-shaped entrance building with an open art space. The 272-meter-tall tower is now the second tallest building in Taipei, and will be the highest-ranking office building in East Asia, with the aim of becoming the first choice for multinational companies to set up corporate headquarters.

The complex shopping mall is from the 3rd floor to the 7th floor. It will introduce international fashion brands, which are expected to drive the fashion trend of Taipei. The wide and traversable shopping malls ease the dense visuals of skyscrapers in the Xinyi Special District as well as providing an open view for the public. At the same time, the basement will plan 31 parking spaces for buses and large vehicles, in order to effectively solve issues with parking.

As for the diamond-type architectural design of Songren Road in the east, considering the requirements of Taipei as a global city, Taipei Nan Shan Plaza includes public art spaces of about 1600m2. After completion, it will be used as an important venue for receiving foreign guests and important ceremonies. The use of fundraising activities can also be provided to public welfare arts and cultural activities or small-scale commercial activities, art exhibitions, etc., which can inject more art and culture into the Xinyi District where financial and commercial gatherings are concentrated.

In addition, the surroundings of the tower will be planned with a number of open green public spaces, combined with parks, sidewalks and bicycle lanes, with benches between the mall and the office building

Another major feature of Taipei Nan Shan Plaza is that it will connect the surrounding buildings such as Taipei 101, ATT 4 FUN and Vieshow Cinema with underground passages or pedestrian bridges, and connect the core area of Xinyi Business Circle into a three-dimensional pedestrian network. The existing flat walkway and plaza space allow the public to directly transfer from the MRT "Taipei 101/World Trade Center" via Taipei Nanshan Plaza and the Xinyi Business Circle to the Taipei City Hall Bus Station. It will also cooperate with Taipei 101 after its completion to create an even better New Year's fireworks show.

Level Use
43 Pfizer
42 Pfizer
41 Hoffmann-La Roche
40 Hoffmann-La Roche
39 Chanel
38 VMware
37 The Executive Centre
36 Mars Blockchain PTE LTD
35 Facebook
34 The Executive Centre
33 E.SUN Commercial Bank
32 Apple Taiwan
31 Apple Taiwan
30 Dentsu Taiwan
29 Dentsu Taiwan
28 BlackRock
27 Deloitte Consulting (Pacific) Limited
26 Reuters/LSEG FTSE Russell
25 Mechanical layer
24 Mechanical layer
23 Aifuyue Singapore
22 Deloitte & Touche
21 Deloitte & Touche
20 Deloitte & Touche
19 Deloitte & Touche
18 Deloitte & Touche
17 Deloitte & Touche
16 Deloitte & Touche
15 Seiko Epson Taiwan
12 Amazon Taiwan
10 Dentsu Taiwan
9 Dentsu Taiwan
8 Dentsu Taiwan
7 Deloitte & Touche
6 Mitsubishi Estate Taiwan


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