Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon

Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon (対魔導学園35試験小隊, Tai-Madō Gakuen 35 Shiken Shōtai) is a Japanese light novel series written by Tōki Yanagimi and illustrated by Kippu. Fujimi Shobo have published eleven volumes since May 19, 2012 under their Fujimi Fantasia Bunko imprint. A manga adaptation with art by Sutarō Hanao was serialized in Fujimi Shobo's shōnen manga magazine Monthly Dragon Age between 2012 and 2014, and was collected in three tankōbon volumes. A second manga adaptation by Yohei Yasumura began serialization in Media Factory's seinen manga magazine Monthly Comic Alive from January 2015 and Seven Seas Entertainment published the manga in English.[1] A 12-episode anime television series adaptation by Silver Link aired between October 7 and December 23, 2015.

Anti-Magic Academy: The 35th Test Platoon
Tai-Madō Gakuen 35 Shiken Shōtai light novel volume 1 cover.jpg
First light novel volume cover featuring the characters Ōka Ōtori (left) and Takeru Kusanagi (right)
(Tai-Madō Gakuen 35 Shiken Shōtai)
GenreAction, Fantasy, Harem, Romance
Light novel
Written byTōki Yanagimi
Illustrated byKippu
Published byFujimi Shobo
ImprintFujimi Fantasia Bunko
Original runMay 19, 2012July 20, 2016
Illustrated bySutarō Hanao
Published byFujimi Shobo
MagazineMonthly Dragon Age
Original runNovember 9, 2012May 9, 2014
Illustrated byYohei Yasumura
Published byMedia Factory
English publisher
MagazineMonthly Comic Alive
Original runJanuary 2015 – present
Anime television series
Directed byTomoyuki Kawamura
Written byKento Shimoyama
Music byA-bee
StudioSilver Link
Licensed by
Crunchyroll (streaming)
Discotek Media (home video)
Original networkTokyo MX, Sun TV, TVQ, Chiba TV, tvk, TV Saitama, GBS, MTV, BS11
Original run October 7, 2015 December 23, 2015
Episodes12 (List of episodes)
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Takeru Kusanagi (草薙 タケル, Kusanagi Takeru)
Voiced by: Yoshimasa Hosoya
The leader of the 35th Test Platoon. While inexperienced as a commanding officer, he always looks after the well-being of his squad and tries to make the new members feel welcome. He is the only male member of his team and every member of his team has some attraction towards him as he has promised to each of them separately that he would share half of their burdens. A master swordsman capable of slicing bullets, one of the few things that anger him is insulting that he prefers a katana and is no good with magic or guns. He forms a contract with the Relic Eater Lapis since his skills are impressive enough to use her full potential and like all other contractors, gains the ability to enter a state called "Demon Slayer Mode." At the end of the anime series, he enters a modified, more powerful state called "God Slayer Mode" to save his sister's life.
Ōka Ōtori (鳳 桜花, Ōtori Ōka)
Voiced by: Reina Ueda
A prodigy of the Inquisition who's demoted to 35th Test Platoon for excessive killing. Ouka excels at any type of combat, and possesses skills allowing her to act alone, she at first didn't care about teamwork, but eventually starts to trust her platoon. Since a Witch killed her family, she hates magic and witches (until ending), and that leads to a mutual disliking towards Mari. She has a temporary contract with a Relic Eater in the form of twin guns named Vlad. At the end of the anime series, she makes the contract permanent to protect Takeru's sister and prevent Takeru from killing her.
Usagi Saionji (西園寺 うさぎ, Saionji Usagi)
Voiced by: Rumi Ōkubo
The sniper of the thirty-fifth platoon. A girl from a high class family, she is very emotional and suffers from a horrible stage fright, that causes major incidents and mistakes. She wears an accessory in her hair that looks like rabbit ears which are her trademark, and is often teased by other members of the platoon. She uses the Barrett anti-materiel sniper rifle as her sniping weapon.
Ikaruga Suginami (杉並 斑鳩, Suginami Ikaruga)
Voiced by: Ryoko Shiraishi
A first year student at the academy, she is the mod-maker of the platoon. A genius when it comes to maintaining and creating weapons, fiddling with machines, and hacking. She often gathers intelligence via hacking, illegally remodels the unit's weapons, and sexually harasses others, as well as other countless troublesome activities.
Mari Nikaidō (二階堂 マリ, Nikaidō Mari)
Voiced by: Kanae Itō
A young witch previously affiliated with Valhalla, who tricked her into helping them out with their criminal activities. Possessor of『Aurora』ancient magic attribute, she specializes in high-powered destructive magic, and can cast restorative, summoning, and defensive magic. After her memory is erased by Haunted, she's put under the watch of the 35th Test Platoon.
Sōgetsu Ōtori (鳳 颯月, Ōtori Sōgetsu)
Voiced by: Shin-ichiro Miki
The eccentric Chairman of Anti-Magic Academy and the head of the Inquisitors of Heretics Office. He's also Ōka's guardian. He assigns Ouka to the 35th Test Platoon with a certain expectation.
Hayato Kurogane (鐵 隼人, Kurogane Hayato)
Voiced by: Kenjiro Tsuda
The strongest witch hunter.
Isuka Suginami (杉並 伊砂, Suginami Isuka)
Voiced by: Yuko Sanpei
Sister of Ikaruga Suginami. She was killed by Haunted.
Lapis (ラピス)
Voiced by: Iori Nomizu
A Human shaped "Relic Eater," or Magical Heritage girl known as Malleus Maleficarum Type-Twilight "Mistilteinn." Sōgetsu Ōtori has her assume the identity of Takeru's fictional sister to account for her presence in the school. Her transformation is restricted to any kind of bladed weapon, particularly swords. When Takeru is on the verge of death, she chooses him to become her host. She is normally very reserved and shows little expression, but the truth is she is very prideful, and she gets jealous whenever Takeru uses other weapons. Her name is the shortened form for lapis lazuli.
Haunted (ホーンテッド)
Voiced by: Kōji Yusa
A dangerous Magic user from Valhalla and former Catholic priest who used to work with Mari, until he framed her for murder and then erased her memory. He is a magician who can control dead spirits, perform summons, and perform alchemy, but his personal history is completely unknown. He loves despair, and his reason for living is to cause others to feel despair.
Nagaru Hoshijiro (星白 流, Hoshijiro Nagaru)
Voiced by: Natsumi Yamada
The 17-year-old student council president of the Anti-Magic Academy. She is very small so she doesn't look her age. She is cheerful and is always wearing a smiling expression.
Kiseki Kusanagi (草薙 キセキ, Kusanagi Kiseki)
Voiced by: Chika Anzai
She is the younger sister of Takeru Kusanagi. She is very strong and possesses the body of a demon. She also seems to have a "brother complex" shown when she gets jealous due to the other girls in his squad trying to gain his affection.


Light novelsEdit

The first light novel volume was published by Fujimi Shobo under their Fujimi Fantasia Bunko imprint on May 19, 2012. A total of thirteen volumes and one side story volume have been released, with the final volume released on July 20, 2016.

No.TitleRelease date ISBN
1英雄召喚May 19, 2012[2]978-4-04-071082-2
2魔女争奪戦September 20, 2012[3]978-4-04-071079-2
3錬金術師二人January 19, 2013[4]978-4-04-071080-8
4愚者達の学園祭May 18, 2013[5]978-4-04-071033-4
5百鬼の王August 20, 2013[6]978-4-04-071083-9
6瑠璃色の再契約December 20, 2013[7]978-4-04-712979-5
7逆襲の紅蓮April 19, 2014[8]978-4-04-070097-7
8白銀争乱August 20, 2014[9]978-4-04-070138-7
9異端同盟December 20, 2014[10]978-4-04-070429-6
10魔女狩り戦争(上)April 18, 2015[11]978-4-04-070551-4
11魔女狩り戦争(下)August 20, 2015[12]978-4-04-070550-7
12黄昏の呼び声March 19, 2016[13]978-4-04-070865-2
13暁の約束July 20, 2016[14]978-4-04-072000-5


No.Japanese release dateJapanese ISBNEnglish release dateEnglish ISBN
1 August 22, 2015[15]978-4-0406-7575-6November 28, 2017[16]978-1-626927-42-1
2 December 22, 2015[17]978-4-0406-7858-0-


A 12-episode anime television series adaptation by Silver Link aired between October 7 and December 23, 2015.[18]

No.TitleOriginal air date
1"Move Out! Small Fry Platoon!"
Transcription: "Shutsugeki! Zako Shōtai!" (Japanese: 出撃!雑魚小隊!)
October 7, 2015 (2015-10-07)
In the future a young man with a katana is dying and laments that his life had only just started. In the present Takeru Kusanagi attends Anti-Magic Academy, a training school for Inquisitors, soldiers who prevent witches from destroying the world. Takeru wields a katana instead of guns or magic and is often mocked for it by his fellow students. Takeru is captain of the 35th Test Platoon, the least effective team in the school, consisting of himself, Usagi Saionji, a sniper who suffers from stage fright, and Ikaruga Suginami, a tech genius who enjoys sexually harassing people, especially Usagi. Oka Otori, a combat prodigy and adopted daughter of Academy Chairman Sogetsu Otori, is demoted from her position as Inquisitor for the unnecessary execution of a witch and returns to the academy as a new member of 35th Platoon. 35th Platoon attempt to retrieve a magical artefact from black market dealers. Despite their individual skills, their lack of effective teamwork leaves Takeru facing several gunmen alone while Usagi accidentally shoots targets in the wrong building. When the gunmen insult Takeru's sword, he becomes angry and reveals he is skilled enough to slice bullets in half. He is calmed down by Ikaruga using his sister's voice. Oka subdues the gunmen by herself. After Takeru trips over a stray bullet and accidentally gropes her breasts, he is knocked out by a sniper shot from Usagi, finally shooting into the right building, and falls into Oka's breasts again. Unimpressed with 35th Platoon, Oka harshly criticizes their flaws. When she tries to go on a mission alone, Takeru insists on accompanying her as her captain. They target Valhalla, the criminal witch organisation who had tried to purchase the artefact. Upon discovering a dead girl used as a human sacrifice, Oka attempts to murder the gunmen they had just arrested but is stopped by Takeru. Oka reveals a witch murdered her parents and sister, and she hates both witches and magic. Takeru promises to one day become her trusted comrade. Takeru is being watched by a young girl with glowing violet eyes.
2"Summon the Hero"
Transcription: "Eiyū Shōkan" (Japanese: 英雄召喚)
October 14, 2015 (2015-10-14)
Takeru remembers how Oka beat him in a war game in their first year. Oka learns that someone in 35th Platoon is a Relic Eater candidate, capable of forming a contract with a legendary magical weapon. The girl with the violet eyes, Lapis, a weapon in human form, hopes to make such a contract very soon. Elsewhere a young Valhalla witch, Mari Nikaido, meets with Necromancer and Alchemist, Haunted, who had just murdered 50 people as sacrifices for a new spell. Oka learns Takeru only wants to be an Inquisitor because it pays a lot of money. Haunted activates his spell, summoning an armoured Einherjar, the resurrected soul of King Arthur wielding a handheld Railgun infused with the magic of Excalibur, and orders it to free witches held prisoner under the Anti-Magic Academy. Oka struggles against the Einherjar and, revealing she is also a Relic Eater, unwillingly uses magic to summon twin pistols named Vlad with which she has a temporary contract. However the Chairman, Vlad's true master, suddenly takes the guns away and Takeru appears to protect the unarmed Oka. Despite his skills he is fatally injured (opening scene from Episode 1) and almost dies. However Lapis appears next to him and forms a contract with him, healing his wounds and transforming into a powerful suit of Witch Hunter armour with an indestructible sword with a special skill to absorb an enemies magic and then use it against them. Takeru thus absorbs the power from Excalibur and defeats the Einherjar in a single move, impressing the nearby Haunted. Takeru reassures Oka she isn't alone anymore before collapsing from exhaustion with his head in her lap, which Oka admits isn't that bad.
3"A Witch Joins"
Transcription: "Majo Nyūtai" (Japanese: 魔女入隊)
October 21, 2015 (2015-10-21)
The Chairman meets the imprisoned Auroral Witch Mari Nikaido, who is suffering from magical amnesia, and makes her an academy student, hoping to use her as bait to draw out Valhalla. At the Academy the Chairman explains Lapis is a sword type relic and chose Taeru for his sword skills and has enrolled as a member of 35th Platoon under the alias of Takeru's sister. The Chairman orders 35th Platoon to guard Mari. Oka is outraged at having to keep a witch safe. Mari is outfitted with a Gleipnir necklace that will explode if she uses magic. Mari and Oka immediately fight with each other which gets worse as they compete in class, with Oka being more physically capable and Mari being more intellectually capable. Takeru doesn't care Mari is a witch and treats her like a member of the team. Mari expresses her desire to use magic to help people. Elsewhere Haunted, who is obsessed with Mari, recalls how Mari only agreed to work for him if he didn't kill innocent people, following which he had murdered academy students before erasing her memory and framing her for the crime. T stops Oka and Mari from fighting, only for Oka to realise Takeru is already calling Mari by her first name and the girls start a new fight now attempting to make each other jealous. Usagi enters them in a mock battle tournament against the other academy Platoons. Mari is told to live with Takeru (secretly the Chairman's plot to make her an easy target for Valhalla) and the jealous Oka insists on living with both of them to keep Mari from possibly seducing Takeru, but is terrified when Takeru's apartment appears to be haunted. An incident with Oka being scared by a ghost in the shower ends with both girls naked on top of Takeru, for which he is punished. Mari tells Takeru she is worried being a witch makes her too different from her human teammates. 35th Platoon struggle in the first round of the mock battle until Mari surprises everybody by using herself as a decoy, allowing 35th Platoon to win. Oka grudgingly admits they would have lost without her, which embarrasses Mari. Ikaruga is thrilled that Mari is the Tsundere member of the team. 35th Platoon celebrate their victory with the exception of Oka who delivers a report to the chairman, only to learn Mari was a member of Valhalla and was accused of murder.
4"The Necromancer Laughs"
Transcription: "Shiryōjutsushi wa Warau" (Japanese: 死霊術師は笑う)
October 28, 2015 (2015-10-28)
Takeru is confident Mari and Oka could be good friends someday. Mari has memory flashes that make her worried she might have been evil. Takeru assures her he'd find a way to make her good again. The next day Oka tells Takeru that Mari was accused of murder but too many details don't add up. During the second round of the mock battles Haunted murders two students and multiple soldiers in the arena before claiming he is there to rescue Mari, trapping himself and 35th Platoon behind a magic barrier. Haunted reveals his twisted love for Mari and announces his intention to kill her. Takeru activates his Relic Eater and attacks, but Haunted is a more skilled swordsman and stabs him in the chest which Lapis manages to heal. Ikaruga wakes up the unconscious Usagi by insulting her large breasts, though one of her eyes is injured. Oka manages to contact the Chairman and threatens to expose him for arresting Mari for murder when evidence proved the murders were committed by Haunted's Despair Magic, whereas Mari can only use Auroral Magic. The Chairman offers her a deal to keep quiet. Lapis explains Haunted is using the legendary weapon, Dainsleif. Haunted removes Mari's amnesia spell, causing her to remember that Haunted kidnapped her friends from an orphanage and promised to keep them safe as long as she worked for Valhalla. He offers to let her see her friends if she leaves with him. Mari is about to do so but Takeru, having seen through Haunted's lies, tells Mari the orphans are dead, which Haunted confirms. While Takeru duels Haunted, Mari angrily casts a spell at Haunted but misses. As her necklace is about to explode from her using magic it suddenly deactivates, which Oka reveals was part of her deal with the Chairman since Mari was innocent of the murders. Oka and Usagi, who had taken this long to aim her rifle with her injured eye, distract Haunted so Mari can cast an extremely powerful spell, but misses again. However, she had actually been aiming at Takeru who absorbed the spell into his sword and uses it to defeat Haunted. Haunted reveals he knows Takeru is from a clan of Demon Hunters before disappearing into a portal. Takeru collapses from exhaustion as the magical barrier disappears. Mari tearfully thanks him for keeping her safe and is happy she met him. Mari becomes an official academy student before once again fighting with Oka, this time about breast size.
5"The Witch-Hunting Festival"
Transcription: "Majokari-sai" (Japanese: 魔女狩り祭)
November 4, 2015 (2015-11-04)
Due to Usagi's poor grades her mother announces plans to bring forward the date of her arranged marriage. The academy begins its Witch Hunting Festival where students can earn extra credit and money. Takeru immediately signs up 35th Platoon to take part as his parents left him with large debts and his little sister to support so he is desperate for money. Usagi decides not to tell her friends she is leaving. She bumps into Reima Tenmyoji, organiser of the festival and also her cruel fiancé who thinks of her as his property, causing her to have a panic attack. Takeru comforts her and promises to help her before she passes out from fear. Oka is summoned to meet youthful looking Student Council President Nagaru Hoshijiro who wants her help dealing with a legendary witch, Mephistopheles, who can break peoples minds. Takeru stays with Usagi in the hospital as even in her sleep she won't let go of his hand. Nagaru believes Reima is somehow linked to Mephistopheles as his transfer to the academy coincided with the murder of several students, including one who had her mind broken. Usagi tells Takeru about Reima and Takeru invites Usagi to spend the night at his apartment. Usagi believes Takeru plans to get her pregnant so she can't marry Reima and eventually decides it is a good idea. Although Takeru had planned no such thing they almost kiss when she tries to seduce him naked in his living room. However they are interrupted by Mari, Oka and Ikaruga, who, in fits of jealousy, punish Takeru severely for not trying to seduce them as well. Takeru asks the girls to help save Usagi by raising her grades enough that she can stay in school. They plan to do well in the festival and earn enough extra credit for Usagi to raise her grades. Ikaruga plans a cosplay event for the festival, which embarrasses everybody.
6"Even Bunnies Have Fangs"
Transcription: "Usagi ni Datte Kiba wa Aru" (Japanese: うさぎにだって牙はある)
November 11, 2015 (2015-11-11)
Oka notices Reima has had white symbols painted over the school. Reima reveals Usagi killed her own brother and is an outcast in her own family. Takeru swears to protect Usagi. Reima swears he will take Usagi away. Oka uses her Relic Eater Vlad to see that the white paint is a giant magic circle designed to control peoples minds. Reima confronts Usagi and when he brings up her murdered brother she has another panic attack. President Nagaru realises her subordinate Shizuka has had her mind broken and they both draw their guns. Shizuka, having survived, reveals to Oka she is Mephistopheles and with Reima's help, possesses Oka, who quickly deactivates Mira's Gleipnir necklace, allowing her to use magic again. Nagaru, who had also survived, informs Takeru. Mephistopheles struggles to control Oka's body as she is a Relic Eater and her soul refuses to die. Nagaru tells Takeru the academy has Mephistopheles original body which she wants back. Lapis locates Usagi in the academy church. Takeru rushes to save her while Mira deals with the magic circle. Usagi's dreams about her brother who had been playing with a rifle and when she tried to stop him it killed him. Reima then began controlling her with violence and mental abuse. She wakes up to Reima planning to rape her for their "wedding night". She fights back, biting him on the neck. Furious he tries to kill her, but Takeru breaks in and saves her. Usagi leaves to help Mari while a furious Takeru face Reima. Usagi retrieves a rifle belonging to her grandfather and is given two special bullets by Ikaruga that will destroy Mephistopheles soul. While Mari deals with the spell Mephistopheles almost shoots her, until Usagi stops her. Mephistopheles curses Usagi with a lust spell, causing every boy nearby to try molest her. Takeru easily beats Reima, exposing him as a coward. Mephistopheles almost shoots Mari again but is stopped by Takeru. Mephistopheles reveals she can summon and control Oka's Relic Eater Vlad. Usagi arrives but is tricked by Mephistopheles who claims Takeru is now Mephistopheles, resulting in a three way stand off as Usagi is unsure whom to shoot. Oka's soul resurfaces and fights to regain her body. Now certain, Usagi shoots Oka, expelling Mephistopheles, then uses the second bullet to shoot Mephistopheles directly, destroying her soul. Mari succeeds in stopping the spell. Later, 35th Platoons Cosplay café is a disaster, as the girls mean personalities drive the customers away. Usagi reveals thanks to Takeru her engagement is cancelled and she can stay at school. Takeru rewards her by patting her head, just like she wanted him to. The Chairman receives information about the Lost Matrix, and decides to talk to Ikaruga about her family.
Transcription: "Uragirimono" (Japanese: 裏切者)
November 18, 2015 (2015-11-18)
The Chairman reveals to Ikaruga the Lost Matrix, the sole remaining cell of a Dark Elf which the Alchemist Company are close to cloning to make weapons. Ikaruga, whose family created her through genetic engineering to work for Alchemist, declares this to be impossible since the cell has been missing for years. The Chairman suspects she knows where the cell is hidden. 35th Platoon do not have enough credits to pass the school year. While brainstorming ideas to earn credits Ikaruga announces she is taking a leave of absence. Takeru finds it strange when she says goodbye, as she has never said it before. Everyone realises Ikaruga has been acting abnormally all day. Elsewhere, scientist Isuka Suginami, who betrayed Alchemist and now works for Valhalla, talks with Haunted about her most recent failure in resurrecting the Dark Elves. Isuka receives a telepathic message from her sister, Ikaruga. Takeru and the girls follow Ikaruga who disappears into the sewers. Ikaruga informs Isuka she has the cell and will trade it to her if she is allowed to observe all future Dark Elf experiments. It is also revealed Ikaruga was about to be executed by Alchemist so she stole the cell and fled to continue her own experiments in private. Takeru and the girls get lost and are almost shot by the Mafia. The rescue Ikaruga from mercenaries hired by Isuka but Takeru and Ikaruga end up separated from the others. With Takeru wounded Ikaruga takes him to a nearby safe-house and warns her sister if 35th Platoon are killed she will destroy the cell. Meanwhile the Chairman is informed by Alchemist they never authorized research into resurrecting the Dark Elves and, concluding the laboratory doing so has gone rogue, give the Chairman 150 new Dragoons to help thoroughly destroy the lab and all its research. Gathering every Knight and Witch Hunter at his disposal, the Chairman declares war on the rogue laboratory. Oka, Mari and Usagi ae held prisoner at the lab and are interrogated by Isuka who is surprised Ikaruga managed to make friends. Through flashback it is revealed that as young child scientist Ikaruga began to question her purpose in life and created a baby Wood Elf which she named Kanaria after she called her Mama. Concluding she would be executed for creating a Wood Elf with no magical powers she stole the cell and tried to leave with Kanaria, but she had already been disposed of. Isuka chose to stay at Alchemist. Ikaruga enrolled at Anti-Magic Academy where any attempt by Alchemist to retrieve the cell would be akin to declaring war on the Inquisitors. Takeru asks her why she wants the Dark Elves to return. Ikaruga responds by stripping and declaring that as she might be killed soon she wants to experience sex while she can.
8"Two Alchemists"
Transcription: "Renkinjutsushi Futari" (Japanese: 錬金術師二人)
November 25, 2015 (2015-11-25)
Ikaruga and Takeru are interrupted by the arrival of Alchemist helicopters and, promising Takeru they would have to have sex later, she claims she loves him and kisses him before drugging him so he can't follow. Mari, Oka and Usagi are freed from the Alchemist lab but resolve to break back in to rescue Ikaruga. Before they can they are stopped by the Chairman leading his army to war and gives them weapons and authorizes the use of their Relic Eaters. Takeru activates Lapis, removing the drug from his blood and equipping his Witch Hunter armour and sword. Takeru battles his way past the Alchemist controlled dragoons. The Chairman begins his attack on the lab. Takeru is joined by Oka while Usagi and Mari snipe from a distance. Inside the lab Isuka reveals after Ikaruga escaped she was modified by the scientists to be more focused and feel pain whenever she experienced an emotion, ensuring she wouldn't escape like Ikaruga did. Rather than hand over the cell Ikaruga wants to destroy the Dark Elf project and escape with Isuka like she wanted to 4 years ago. Isuka shoots Ikaruga in the leg, demanding she hand over the cell. Ikaruga reveals her experiments with the cell produced nanomachines which she implanted in her own body to alter her DNA into copies of the DNA within the cell. She activates her nanomachines and is transformed into a Dark Elf. Using Dark Elf magic she creates an Antimatter bomb and threatens to destroy the whole lab to save Isuka. Isuka is almost overcome with the pain of her emotions and is on the verge of agreeing to leave when they are both attacked by Haunted who stabs Isuka. Outside Takeru and Oka are running out of magic and their Relic Eaters are shutting down. Usagi is likewise nearly out of bullets. Enraged, Ikaruga sets off her bomb, destroying the top floor. She attempts to heal Isuka with her nanomachines but they are still imperfect and fail. Isuka reveals Ikaruga's Wood Elf baby Kanaria is still alive and with Valhalla before she dies. Haunted summons a mechanical dragon to destroy the building. Takeru saves Ikaruga from falling and then works with Oka to distract the dragon while Usagi shoots it with a wall mounted Railgun. Oka is injured and Takeru's Relic Eater runs out of magic and shuts down before he can finish the dragon. Mari quickly transfers her magic to Takeru's sword and the dragon is defeated with Takeru's final blow. Ikaruga resolves to keep fighting now she knows Kanaria is waiting for her. Takeru promises to help and pats her on the head, which she enjoys while crying over losing Isuka.
9"The 35th Drunken Platoon and Crazy Summer Time"
Transcription: "Kureijī Samā Taimu" (Japanese: クレイジーサマータイム)
December 2, 2015 (2015-12-02)
With Ikaruga back at the academy 35th platoon plan an undercover mission to prevent the black market trade of artefacts. Ikaruga doubts the girls can handle the mission as it involves going undercover in a Gentlemen's Club and they would have to entertain guests. At the club Oka struggles to deal with the male customers and is groped by their target and punches him, but they had the wrong target all along. They manage to arrest the real target but Oka feels depressed she made a mistake. The confiscated magical ring turns out to be almost worthless. Ikaruga suggests it might contain a love spell, causing the girls to argue over who should test it, ending with it getting stuck on Takeru's finger. The ring actually contains a spell of drunkenness, causing the girls to become drunk. Usagi talks like a baby and attempts to molest Takeru, Mari cries over Takeru only liking big breasts and shows him her own. Oka becomes extremely happy and also molests Takeru. Lapis sits in her chair with the hiccups. Ikaruga becomes extremely romantic toward Takeru but then vomits all over him. The next day 35th Platoon head to the beach to discover how the weather has been manipulated to cause summer to last far longer than is natural. Ikaruga reveals she hates summer weather. Takeru insists on having some fun. Mari and Usagi become jealous when Lapis sits on Takeru's lap the entire bus ride. Their investigation goes nowhere and they end up changing into swimsuits and playing beach games while Ikaruga sulks in the shade. Lapis shows an interest in fishing. Takeru rushes to the bathroom with a stomach-ache while the girls notice an injured boy who was attacked by a sea monster. Lapis confirms it is a rare magical Sea Hare with the ability to extend summer indefinitely. With Takeru stuck on the toilet, Ikaruga passed out from the heat and Oka unable to swim without sinking, capturing the Sea Hare is left to Usagi, Mari and Lapis. Lapis suggests fishing and attaches Usagi and Mari to a fishing rod. The giant creature appears and molests Mari and Usagi with its tentacles. With Takeru recovered he activates his Witch Hunter Armour to save the girls but ends up sinking from the weight of the armour. While underwater Lapis turns the sword into a fishing rod Takeru uses to capture the Sea Hare. Oka deactivates Mari's Gleipnir necklace and she uses her magic with Takeru's fishing rod to launch the Sea Hare onto the beach, defeating it. Their mission over Oka buys Mari, Lapis and Usagi ice creams as a treat for defeating the monster without her.
10"Kusanagi Kiseki"
Transcription: "Kusanagi kiseki" (Japanese: 草薙キセキ)
December 9, 2015 (2015-12-09)
Takeru visits his younger sister, Kiseki, who is being kept in a maximum security prison. Although she enjoys his visits she has a brother complex and appears jealous he has so many female teammates. Takeru is visibly upset that his sister is forced to wear chains and is kept permanently sedated except for when he visits. 35th Platoon apprehends several criminals, earning a lot of points. Takeru has a hallucination of the two students Haunted had killed in the arena, Kyoya and Yoshimizu, and realises Kyoya is still alive and now works for the Chairman. The Chairman visits the prison and watches Kiseki being woken up. He reveals Kiseki has a demon body and anything she touches is dissolved and then absorbed by her body which causes her demon body parts to grow out of control. Eventually she would consume the whole planet. To prevent this Kiseki must be routinely killed and brought back to life in order to kill off her demon body parts. Visits from her brother normally improve her mental stability, but after hearing about his new female teammates she becomes upset and unstable. Her power surges and she transforms into a horned demon and begins absorbing her restraints. The Chairman's subordinate Kurogane enters her cell to subdue her. Kiseki cries out for her brother. On another mission 35th Platoon track an extremely dangerous wizard to his hideout but they are discovered. Takeru is forced to chase him but the wizard is murdered and absorbed by Kiseki, who escaped prison and tracked Takeru by his heartbeat. Discovered by the girls Takeru draws his sword and almost attacks them when they see Kiseki. After calming down he reveals Kiseki is his sister and has the highest threat level for a witch on the entire planet. He promises to keep Kiseki from harming his friends. The Chairman sends Kurogane to capture Kiseki. While Kiseki sleeps Takeru explains Kiseki killed many people as a child, but only because her power forced her to when she felt threatened, and she is normally a very sweet and shy girl. Ikaruga helps by explaining she likely suffers from Overflow Syndrome, where Witches not from a Witch family whose magic spontaneously appears cannot control their magic. Normally this can be overcome by wearing a Gleipnir necklace as Mari does, but Kiseki produces so much magical energy she overloads the Gleipnir and becomes a walking natural disaster. Takeru sadly admits the best thing to do is hand her over to the Inquisitors. Oka suggests he take an hour to bond with his sister and the girls dress Kiseki in a nice outfit so they can go on a brother/sister date. Takeru and Kiseki have a nice time and Kiseki asks Takeru for a favour. Takeru promises to do anything she wants. Kiseki asks Takeru to kill her.
11"Kusanagi Takeru"
Transcription: "Kusanagi Takeru" (Japanese: 草薙タケル)
December 16, 2015 (2015-12-16)
Kiseki reveals her power has been getting stronger and will usually try to grant her wishes, especially those that include death and destruction, which frightens her. She wishes to die so she can't kill any more and wants Takeru to do it. Takeru refuses, saying he will always protect her until the day she loses all control and he has to kill her, at which point he will die with her. Valhalla members Orochi and Kanaria who now goes by the name Miss Watery, learn that Kiseki, who they had been planning to break out of prison, has escaped and plan to capture her. Takeru and Kiseki are attacked by Kyoya and Yoshimizu who try to kill Kiseki. Takeru activates his Relic Eater to protect her but realises Yoshimizu is actually Kyoya's Relic Eater in human form the same as Lapis. Their fight is interrupted by Kurogane and multiple Dragoons. Kiseki is arrested and fitted with a Gleipnir. Takeru apologises for not protecting her and promises to visit her in prison. Kiseki makes him swear to keep their other promise before collapsing from a sedative in the Gleipnir. For helping her avoid capture Takeru is placed in solitary confinement. The Chairman tells Takeru that Kiseki will be moved to a secret Alchemist facility with the hope of finally suppressing her powers. Miss Watery attacks the airplane transport, but it is a decoy and Kiseki is on a truck. Kyoya reveals he plans to kill Haunted and any other heretic he can. The truck is attacked by Valhalla Dragoons. In flashback Takeru had discovered his little sister in a storehouse near their home and learned from his father that every daughter from their clan for generations were born demons and killed at birth, but every generation produced more powerful demon girls until eventually Kiseki was born fully immortal and incapable of being killed. Eventually she escaped the storehouse and killed their father. Takeru made a choice to always protect her. In prison Oka thanks Takeru for making her life more peaceful. They are released by President Nagaru who reveals Kiseki was attacked by Valhalla. Everyone from 35th Platoon help Takeru escape. Kyoya and Kurogane are attacked by Orochi. Kyoya flees with the truck but decides to murder Kiseki for being a heretic. Takeru arrives and realises Kyoya has been driven insane by his relic, who took the form of Yoshimizu to increase his desire for revenge. After a brief fight Kyoya is overwhelmed by Takeru and Oka and escapes. The Chairman, watching from nearby, laments that Takeru does not yet understand. Kiseki's power acts to grant her wishes, and because she only wishes to be killed by Takeru, she will remain immortal until he kills her. Haunted suddenly attacks and stabs Takeru, desiring Kiseki to spread chaos everywhere. Seeing Takeru hurt Kiseki loses control and begins absorbing everything, growing to an enormous size.
12"Supreme Wish"
Transcription: "Kagirinaki negai" (Japanese: 限りなき願い)
December 23, 2015 (2015-12-23)
Kiseki continues to grow throughout the city, absorbing buildings and people as she goes. The Chairman watches and is joined by Alchemist Chairwoman Suzuka Suginami, Isuka and Ikaruga's childlike mother, who orchestrated the entire situation to watch Kiseki go out of control and determine if she has any scientific value. She and the Chairman wager on whether Takeru will kill his sister. To save Takeru and defeat Haunted Oka finally forms a full contract with her Relic Eater Vlad, unlocking her own Witch Hunter armour. Haunted is knocked into Kiseki and absorbed. Oka and the wounded Takeru flee with the other girls but end up trapped by Kiseki's growing body. In his dreams Takeru is confronted by Lapis, who reminds him that when their contract was first formed he promised to give up what is precious to him to achieve his goals and abandon his humanity in exchange for power. She then kisses him and begins to eat his soul in exchange for unlocking his God Hunter mode. Kiseki's body begins to split apart, releasing flying demons into the sky to attack Oka. Takeru suddenly awakens, wearing much more powerful armour and forcibly deactivates Oka's Relic Eater, telling the girls to get to safety before his soul is fully consumed and he is no longer Takeru anymore. Oka begs him not to take on the burden of having killed his own sister. Takeru leaves to find Kiseki. Before he can reach his sister he is attacked by Haunted who resisted being absorbed, determined to take Kiseki to Valhalla. While they duel Kiseki begins to blame Takeru for not killing her years ago, allowing her to become a monster. Takeru expresses his wish to save his sister and go home with his friends. Kiseki wants Takeru to live happily but also to die with her as he promised and the conflict causes the demon bodies to begin to break down and Kiseki disappears inside them. Takeru finally defeats Haunted and throws himself inside Kiseki's body. Finding her he pulls her free, separating her from the growing demon bodies which dissolve and disappear, but cannot bring himself to kill her. Valhalla retreats. Orochi admonishes the Chairman, who is revealed to be over 150 years old, for trying to use Takeru to reignite an ancient war. Takeru feels guilty he has only condemned Kiseki to more suffering in the future. The girls all assure him that no matter what they will always be there to carry half his burdens.


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