Taça Rio, or Rio Trophy, is an annual Rio de Janeiro football tournament. It is the second stage competition of the Campeonato Carioca, the state football championship in Rio de Janeiro. It has been organized since 1982 by the Rio de Janeiro State Football Federation.

Vasco da Gama is the most successful club in the tournament's history, having won the title eleven times.[1]


Sixteen teams of the competition are divided into the two same groups of Taça Guanabara, which is previously held. However, unlike Taça Guanabara, each team of Taça Rio play against every team of the other group, rather than teams of the same group, once. The top team from each group play against the second team of the other group in the semi-finals in a single match, with the winner qualified for the final of the competition. The winner of Taça Rio plays against the winner of Taça Guanabara in the Campeonato Carioca Final.


Taça Rio was created in 1982, as an equivalent to Taça Guanabara. While Taça Guanabara is the name of the trophy given to the Campeonato Carioca first stage winner, Taça Rio is the trophy given to the second stage champion.[1]

Taça Rio was not held only in 1994 and 1995, during the time format of Taça Guanabara was changed. During these two years, though teams were still divided into two groups, the matches that played against teams from other group, traditional matches of Taça Rio, became the second phase of the group stage of the Taça Guanabara. Therefore, there was no need for the Taça Rio to be held.

In 1996, the traditional competition format returned, and the Taça Rio was contested again and the trophy was again given to the Campeonato Carioca second round champion.

List of championsEdit

Year Champions Runners-up
1982 America (1) Botafogo
1983 Flamengo (1) Bangu
1984 Vasco da Gama (1) Fluminense
1985 Flamengo (2) Bangu
1986 Flamengo (3) Fluminense
1987 Bangu (1) Vasco da Gama
1988 Vasco da Gama (2) Fluminense
1989 Botafogo (1) Vasco da Gama
1990 Fluminense (1) Botafogo
1991 Flamengo (4) Botafogo
1992 Vasco da Gama (3) Flamengo
1993 Vasco da Gama (4) Flamengo
1996 Flamengo (5) Vasco da Gama
1997 Botafogo (2) Flamengo
1998 Vasco da Gama (5) Fluminense
1999 Vasco da Gama (6) Flamengo
2000 Flamengo (6) Vasco da Gama
2001 Vasco da Gama (7) Flamengo
2002 Americano (1) Vasco da Gama
2003 Vasco da Gama (8) Fluminense
2004 Vasco da Gama (9) Fluminense
2005 Fluminense (2) Flamengo
2006 Madureira (1) Americano
2007 Botafogo (3) Cabofriense
2008 Botafogo (4) Fluminense
2009 Flamengo (7) Botafogo
2010 Botafogo (5) Flamengo
2011 Flamengo (8) Vasco da Gama
2012 Botafogo (6) Vasco da Gama
2013 Botafogo (7) Fluminense
2014 Boavista (1) Friburguense
2015 Madureira (2) Bangu
2016 Volta Redonda (1) Resende
2017 Vasco da Gama (10) Botafogo
2018 Fluminense (3) Botafogo
2019 Flamengo (9) Vasco da Gama
2020 Fluminense (4) Flamengo
2021 Vasco da Gama (11) Botafogo
2022 Resende (1) Nova Iguaçu

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