Syr-Darya Oblast

Syr-Darya Oblast (Russian: Сырдарьинская область) was one of the oblasts of the Russian Empire was part of Russian Turkestan. Its center was Tashkent.

Syr-Darya Oblast
Сырдарьинская область
Oblast of Russia
Coat of arms of Syr-Darya Oblast
Coat of arms
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• Established
Preceded by
Succeeded by
Khanate of Khiva
Emirate of Bukhara
Khanate of Kokand
Turkestan Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic
Today part of Uzbekistan
Syr-Darya Oblast in 1900 (in orange)


It was founded after annexing northwestern part of Khanate of Kokand, Chimkent (from Emirate of Bukhara) and northwestern part of Khanate of Khiva (for Amu Darya Okrug at present Karakalpakstan) in 1867.

On April 30, 1918, the region became a part of Turkestan ASSR. On October 27, 1924 as a result of the national-territorial reorganisation of Central Asia, most of the Syr-Darya region was transferred to the Kyrgyz (Cossack) ASSR, the remaining smaller part (Tashkent County) became a part of the Uzbek SSR of the Soviet Union.


It bordered with Turgay Oblast, Akmola Oblast (Its center was Omsk), Semirechye Oblast, Samarkand Oblast, Fergana Oblast (till 1876 as Khanate of Kokand before annexing to Russia), and semi-independent states of Khanate of Khiva and Emirate of Bukhara.

The area of 504,700 km ² (443,442 sq. m. Miles). The greatest stretch of longitude - about 1173 kilometers (1100 miles) in width is about - 747 km (700 miles).

Syr-Darya region occupied by about 70% of the total area Turkestan, and about 25% of the Turkestan province.

Administrative divisionEdit

Syr-Darya Oblast was originally divided into six uyezds:


According to the 1897 census, the total population was 1,478,398 inhabitants (803,411 men and 674,987 women), including the cities of 205,596. With the exception of the regional city of Tashkent as having 155,673 residents (the most populous city in Russian Central Asia) in the Syr-Darya region of large cities do not.

Ethnic groups in 1897[1]Edit

Uyezd Kazakhs Sarts Karakalpaks Uzbeks Russians Tajiks Ukrainians Other Turkic People
TOTAL 64,4% 9,8% 6,3% 4,3% 2,2% ... ... 10,7%
Aiule-Ata 90,9% 0,5% ... 3,1% 1,9% ... 1,9% ...
Kazalinsk 96,7% 0,4% ... 0,03% 2,0% ... ... ...
Perovsk 97,5% 1,1% ... ... ... ... ... ...
Tashkent 36,4% 24,3% ... 0,11% 3,9% 1,0% 0,65% 31,8%
Chimkent 78,8% 11,2% ... 7,3% ... ... 1,5% ...
Petroaleksandrovsk 24,2% 0,03% 47,9% 17,7% 1,6% ... ... 7,1%

With the exception of Russian - and some Orthodox Old Believers and other Europeans, Christians and Jews, the main bulk of the population (96.4%) consists of Muslims.

Today, the territory of the former Syr-Darya Oblast is in eastern Uzbekistan and southeastern of Kazakhstan.



Coordinates: 41°18′00″N 69°16′00″E / 41.3000°N 69.2667°E / 41.3000; 69.2667