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The Fergana Oblast (Russian: Ферганская область; Uzbek: Fargʻona viloyati) was an oblast (province) of the Russian Empire. It roughly corresponded to most of present-day Fergana Valley. It was created in 1876 when the territories of the former Khanate of Kokand were annexed to Russia (except for the oblasts of Syr-Darya Oblast and Semirechye Oblast, which were part of the khanate before Russian conquest between 1853 and 1865). Its administrative center was the city of Kokand.

Fergana Oblast
Ферганская область
Fargʻona viloyati
Oblast of Russia

Flag Coat of arms
Flag Coat of arms
Location of Fergana Oblast
Capital Kokand
 •  Established 1876
 •  Russian Revolution 1917
Today part of  Uzbekistan

The Oblast was disbanded after the Russian Revolution and on April 30, 1918 the region became a part of the Turkestan ASSR.


Administrative divisionEdit

As of 1897, the Fergana Oblast was divided into 5 uyezds:

Uyezd Uyezd city (pop.) Area,
sq versta
Margelan Novy Margelan (8,928) 14069.1 321,860
Andizhan Andizhan (47,627) 13333.2 360,267
Kokand Kokand (81,354) 13212.6 364,658
Namangan Namangan (62,017) 15273.4 363,789
Osh Osh (34,157) 65252.7 161,640


As of 1897, 1,572,214 people populated the oblast. Turkic speaking Sarts (Today called Uzbeks) constituted the majority of the population. Significant minorities consisted of Kyrgyz and Tajiks. Total Turkic speaking were 1.439,989 (91,6% of the total population of the oblast).

Ethnic groups in 1897[2]Edit

TOTAL 1,572,214 100%
Sarts 788,989 50,2%
Unspecified Turkic dialects 261,234 16,6%
Kyrgyz 201,579 12,8%
Uzbeks 153,780 9,8%
Tajiks 114,081 7,3%
Uyghurs 14,915 0,9%
Karakalpaks 11,056 0,7%
Russians 8,140 0,5%
Kipchak 7,584 0,5%
Jews 1,378 ...