Swan River Press

Swan River Press is an Irish publishing company dedicated to Gothic, Supernatural and Fantastic literature. It was founded in Dublin in 2003, by Brian J. Showers. It remains an independent small press book publisher. It has an emphasis on past and present by Irish and Ireland related contributions to the genre.[1][2][3]

Swan River Press
Swan River Press Logo Text.jpg
FounderBrian J. Showers
Country of originIreland
Headquarters locationDublin
Fiction genresGothic, Supernatural and Fantastic literature
Official websitewww.swanriverpress.ie

History and operationsEdit

The company name comes from the subterranean waterway which flows through the neighbourhood of Rathmines in Dublin and the logo was created by Duane Spurlock from the image of the keystone on the entrance of the Rathmines town hall.[4]

The press began to produce a twice-yearly journal The Green Book: Writings on Irish Gothic, Supernatural and Fantastic Literature in 2013.[5]Ellen Datlow called the journal "A welcome addition to the realm of accessible nonfiction about supernatural horror."

Swan River is notable for publishing high quality editions with dustjackets, printed boards, sewn binding, and head and tail bands on the hard bound books and all booklets being hand sewn. The press is financed by the sales of the books and by patrons who can sign up at various levels of support.[1][6][7]

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