Supercopa ASOBAL

The Supercopa ASOBAL or the Supercopa de España de Balonmano is an annual cup competition for Spanish handball teams. It is organised by the Liga ASOBAL. It was first played for in 1985 and is disputed between the Liga ASOBAL champions and the winners of the Copa del Rey de Balonmano. It is played as a single match, at a neutral venue and in different cities every year.

Supercopa ASOBAL
Number of teams2
Current championsFC Barcelona (2020)
Most championshipsFC Barcelona (23 titles)

Season by seasonEdit

Season Venue Champion Runners-Up Score Coach champion
2020–2021 Benidorm FC Barcelona BM Benidorm 38–18 Xavier Pascual
2019–2020 Cuenca FC Barcelona Assistència Sanitària Liberbank Cuenca 33–22 Xavier Pascual
2018–2019 Logroño FC Barcelona Lassa Logroño La Rioja 35–27 Xavier Pascual
2017–2018 Ciudad Real FC Barcelona Lassa Logroño La Rioja 31–25 Xavier Pascual
2016–2017 Pamplona FC Barcelona Lassa Helvetia Anaitasuna 38–30 Xavier Pascual
2015–2016 Zaragoza FC Barcelona Lassa Fraikin Granollers 26–23 Xavier Pascual
2014–2015 Tarragona FC Barcelona Fraikin Granollers 32–28 Xavier Pascual
2013–2014 Valladolid FC Barcelona Intersport Naturhouse La Rioja 40–31 Xavier Pascual
2012–2013 Madrid FC Barcelona Intersport Atlético Madrid 34–31[1] Xavier Pascual
2011–2012 Madrid Atlético Madrid Barcelona 33–26 Talant Dujshebaev
2010–2011 Córdoba Renovalia Ciudad Real Barcelona Borges 29–28 Talant Dujshebaev
2009–2010 Guadalajara FC Barcelona Handbol BM Ciudad Real 33–26 Xavier Pascual
2008–2009 Albacete FC Barcelona Handbol BM Ciudad Real 26–25 Manolo Cadenas
2007–2008 Salamanca BM Ciudad Real FC Barcelona Handbol 32–30 Talant Dujshebaev
2006–2007 Pontevedra FC Barcelona Handbol BM Valladolid 36–33 Xesco Espar
2005–2006 Málaga Portland San Antonio BM Valladolid 29–27 "Zupo" Equisoain
2004–2005 Lleida BM Ciudad Real FC Barcelona Handbol 32–29 Juan de Dios Román
2003–2004 Eibar FC Barcelona Handbol BM Ciudad Real 26–25 Valero Rivera
2002–2003 León Portland San Antonio CB Ademar León 33–27 "Zupo" Equisoain
2001–2002 Tudela Portland San Antonio CB Ademar León 26–24 "Zupo" Equisoain
2000–2001 Ibiza FC Barcelona Handbol BM Valladolid 34–32 Valero Rivera
1999–2000 Pilar de la Horadada FC Barcelona Handbol Portland San Antonio 27–23 Valero Rivera
1998–1999 Not Held
1997–1998 Moguer FC Barcelona Handbol Caja Cantabria 30–28 Valero Rivera
1996–1997 Palencia FC Barcelona Handbol Elgorriaga Bidasoa 25–15 Valero Rivera
1995–1996 Santander Elgorriaga Bidasoa Caja Cantabria 29–28 Juantxo Villarreal
1994–1995 Granada Teka Santander FC Barcelona Handbol 29–28 Julián Ruiz
1993–1994 Zaragoza FC Barcelona Handbol Elgorriaga Bidasoa 30–22 Valero Rivera
1992–1993 Torrelavega Teka Santander CB Avidesa 28–19 Emilio Alonso
1991–1992 San Sebastián FC Barcelona Handbol CB Avidesa 29–21 Valero Rivera
1990–1991 Zaragoza FC Barcelona Handbol Teka Santander 22–18 Valero Rivera
1989–1990 Eibar FC Barcelona Handbol CD Cajamadrid 30–22 Valero Rivera
1988–1989 Alcañiz FC Barcelona Handbol Elgorriaga Bidasoa 29–21 Valero Rivera
1987–1988 Ibiza Atlético Madrid Elgorriaga Bidasoa 22–20 Juan de Dios Román
1986–1987 Burriana FC Barcelona Handbol Tecnisan 19–18 Valero Rivera
1985–1986 Alicante Atlético Madrid FC Barcelona Handbol 27–22 Jordi Alvaro

Titles by teamEdit

Titles Club
23 titles FC Barcelona
3 titles Atlético Madrid (1)
3 titles BM Ciudad Real
3 titles SDC San Antonio
2 titles Teka Cantabria
1 titles Elgorriaga Bidasoa

(1) Includes titles from former and current Atlético Madrid

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