Sudylkiv (Ukrainian: Судилків) is a village in Shepetivka Raion in Khmelnytskyi Oblast in Ukraine. It hosts the administration of Sudylkiv rural hromada, one of the hromadas of Ukraine.[1]

Sudylkiv village council
Sudylkiv village council
Flag of Sudylkiv
Coat of arms of Sudylkiv
OblastKhmelnytskyi Oblast
RaionShepetivka Raion


The 1897 census reveals that out of a total population of 5,551 there were 2,712 Jews.[2] Today, the formerly important Jewish community is nonexistent due to the Holocaust and emigration.

Notable peopleEdit


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Coordinates: 50°10′23″N 27°08′15″E / 50.1730°N 27.1376°E / 50.1730; 27.1376