Stari Mikanovci

Stari Mikanovci (Hungarian: Horváti, German: Sankt Michael) is a village in Croatia, located in the eastern part of the large Croatian historic and geographic region of Slavonia, situated in the westernmost part of the smaller Croatian historic and geographic region of Srijem.

Stari Mikanovci
Stari Mikanovci
Stari Mikanovci
Location of Stari Mikanovci
Stari Mikanovci is located in Croatia
Stari Mikanovci
Stari Mikanovci
Location in Croatia
Coordinates: 45°17′N 18°33′E / 45.283°N 18.550°E / 45.283; 18.550Coordinates: 45°17′N 18°33′E / 45.283°N 18.550°E / 45.283; 18.550
Country Croatia
County Vukovar-Syrmia
 • Municipal CouncilSDP 5 (representatives), HDZ 4, HSS 2, NL 1
 • Total54.50 km2 (21.04 sq mi)
 • Total2,945
 • Density54/km2 (140/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+1 (CET)
 • Summer (DST)UTC+2 (CEST)
Postal code
Area code(s)032
Vehicle registrationVK


The name of the village in Croatian is in the plural, and therefore it is grammatically correct to refer to it as "Stari Mikanovci are" instead of "Stari Mikanovci is". A hypothetical singular version of the name would be Stari Mikanovac.


Geographic coordinates of Stari Mikanovci: +45° 17' 8.43" (or 45.285674), +18° 33' 28.83" (or 18.558009).

Stari Mikanovci is a middle-size Slavonian village with specific rur-urban physiognomy. Village physio-morphologic features are characteristic for the geo-historic region of Srijem (so called "ušorena sela") and other parts of lowland Croatia such as Turopolje, Posavina, Podravina and Međimurje.

Village name Stari Mikanovci literally means Old Mikanovci, while Novi Mikanovci means New Mikanovci.

Administrative organisationEdit

Stari Mikanovci is part of the Vukovarsko-srijemska županija (Vukovar-Syrmia County) located on the western part of the county and borders with Osječko-baranjska županija. The Municipality of Stari Mikanovci consists of two settlements: Stari Mikanovci and Novi Mikanovci. The municipality centers are the municipal council office and the municipal mayor office which are located within Stari Mikanovci.


Census Municipality Stari Mikanovci Novi Mikanovci
1991 3400
2001 3387
2011[1] 2956 2383 573


One Scordisci archaeological site in Stari Mikanovci dating back to late La Tène culture was excavated in the 1970s and 1980s as a part of rescue excavations in eastern Croatia.[2] Archaeological site was a part of the settlement network of Scordisci in the area of Vinkovci.[2]

The village was a fief of the Order of St. John between the 13th and 15th century, and after that owned by the noble families Horvat and Gorjanski during the Ottoman wars in the region. After the Turks were pushed back, Mikanovci was owned by the Diocese of Đakovo and the village of Novi Mikanovci was built by the administration of the Military Frontier. The parish church of St. Claire in Stari Mikanovci is dated 1810 and the church of St. Bartholomew in Novi Mikanovci is from the early 13th century, it also was once at the cemetery of the old Mikanovci.

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