Somalia national bandy team

Somalia national bandy team represents Somalia in the Bandy World Championship. It is controlled by the Somali National Bandy Association, which is a member of the Federation of International Bandy. The squad participated in the 2014 Bandy World Championship in Irkutsk, Russia, the first team from Africa to take part in bandy competitions.[2] They participated in all following tournaments as well, consistently taking the last position.

AssociationSomali National Bandy Association
General managerSomalia Mursal Isa
Head coachSweden Per Fosshaug
AssistantsYoonis Fulhaam
CaptainHassan Bashir
Most gamesMahmoud Raagi
Top scorerMo Bullet
Most pointsHassan Bashir
Home stadiumShafar Buush
Team colors   
First international
Somalia Somalia 1–22 Germany Germany
Irkutsk, 27 January 2014
Biggest win
Somalia Somalia 15–0 Afghanistan Afghanistan
Borlänge, 25 February 2016[1]
Biggest defeat
Somalia  0–22  Latvia
Vänersborg, 24 January 2019
Bandy World Championship
Appearances5 (first in 2014)
Best result16th (2015, 2018)


All selected players, except an ice hockey player living in Canada, are Somali nationals who live in the Swedish town of Borlänge and play for the local club Borlänge Bandy[3] (Borlänge-Stora Tuna BK, later renamed Peace & Love City). The team is coached by former Swedish international Per Fosshaug. Somalia national bandy team is financed by the municipality of Borlänge and Somali Olympic Committee. The project was launched in May 2013 and the team planned already by then to participate in at least two World Championship tournaments. This has been reported in media from around the world.[4][5][6]

In the 2014 Bandy World Championship, the Somalia squad played in the Group D of Division B with Germany, Japan, Mongolia, and Ukraine. The tournament was played between 26 January and 2 February.[7] In the first game, they lost to Germany 1–22, and consequently scored their first WCS goal.[8] They subsequently lost all other games, scoring one more goal against Mongolia, and then one more in play-offs against Ukraine.

In 2016 and 2017, Somalia has also played friendlies against an unofficial Afghanistan national bandy team. The Afghan team is created by Afghan ex-pats in Karlstad, Sweden, but is not sanctioned by the sports governing bodies in Afghanistan, so it is not allowed to take part in the World Championship.[9]

Team 2014 squadEdit

Somali squad at the 2014 World Championship in Irkutsk, Russia, 26 January – 2 February 2014.[10][11]

Pos. Age Name Club
GK 18 Mohamed Ahmed   Borlänge-Stora Tuna BK
GK 18 Farah Hassan   Borlänge-Stora Tuna BK
17 Abdi Abdiirahiin   Borlänge-Stora Tuna BK
19 Warsame Abdisalam   Borlänge-Stora Tuna BK
16 Osman Salad Abdullahi   Borlänge-Stora Tuna BK
15 Abdi Ahmed   Borlänge-Stora Tuna BK
16 Ahmed Ahmed   Borlänge-Stora Tuna BK
30 Bari Ahmed   Borlänge-Stora Tuna BK
24 Deeq Abdulle Ahmed   Borlänge-Stora Tuna BK
16 Warsame Alibashir   Borlänge-Stora Tuna BK
17 Anwar Hared   Aurora Tigers
19 Ahmed Abdi Mohamed   Borlänge-Stora Tuna BK
18 Ahmed Abdullahi Mohamed   Borlänge-Stora Tuna BK
19 Abdi Mohamed Mohamud   Borlänge-Stora Tuna BK
18 Ahmed Sadiiq   Borlänge-Stora Tuna BK
Hussein Yoonis   Borlänge-Stora Tuna BK


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