Social Democratic Party (Iran)

The Social Democratic Party (Persian: فرقه اجتماعیون عامیون, romanizedFerqa'ye Ejtemāʿīyūn-e ʿāmmīyūn) was a political party formed by Persian emigrants in Transcaucasia with the help of local revolutionaries, maintaining close ties to the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party and Hemmat Party.[1][2]

Social Democratic Party
LeaderNariman Narimanov[1]
FounderHaydar Khan Amo-oghli[2][3]
Founded1904[2] or 1905[1]
DissolvedFebruary 1910[1]
Succeeded byDemocrat Party[2]
HeadquartersBaku, Caucasus[2]
NewspaperIran-e No[1]
Political positionLeft-wing
1st Iranian Majlis (1906)
21 / 156

It was the first Iranian socialist organization.[4]

The party created its own mélange of European socialism and indigenous ideas and upheld liberalism and nationalism. It maintained some religious beliefs[1] while being critical of the conservative ulama[1] and embracing separation of church and state.[3]


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