Sladenia shaefersi

Sladenia shaefersi is a species of fish in the family Lophiidae. It also commonly goes by the name of Shaefer's anglerfish. It was first discovered in the Caribbean Sea off the coast of Colombia and was described in 1976.[1]

Sladenia shaefersi
Sladenia shaefersi 600.jpg
Schaefer's Anglerfish from Estuary to Abyss Expedition 2004
Sladenia shaefersi2.jpg
Shaefer's Anglerfish during Operation Deep Slope 2007
Scientific classification
S. shaefersi
Binomial name
Sladenia shaefersi


The fish is named in honor of Edward A. Schaefers, the former chief of the Exploratory Fishing and Gear Research Branch of the now renamed Bureau of Commercial Fisheries.[2]


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