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The Shire of Corrigin is a local government area in the Wheatbelt region of Western Australia, about 230 kilometres (143 mi) east of the state capital, Perth. Its seat of government is the town of Corrigin. The shire covers an area of 3,095 square kilometres (1,195 sq mi) and the economy, worth approximately $50 million per year to the state economy, is based on agriculture - predominantly cereal grains and sheep,[2] with some supporting industries including a flour mill.

Shire of Corrigin
Western Australia
Corrigin Town Hall, 2018 (01).jpg
Corrigin Town Hall, 2018
Corrigin LGA WA.png
Location in Western Australia
Population1,146 (2016 census)[1]
 • Density0.37027/km2 (0.9590/sq mi)
Area3,095 km2 (1,195.0 sq mi)
MayorLynette Baker
Council seatCorrigin
State electorate(s)Central Wheatbelt
Federal Division(s)O'Connor
Shire of Corrigin Logo.png
WebsiteShire of Corrigin
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From 1891 until 1913, different parts of the area was managed by Morambine (Pingelly), Greenhills and Brookton Road Boards. In 1913, after the announcement of a proposed railway from Brookton on the Great Southern Railway to terminate in the town of Kunjin, the Kunjinn Road District was gazetted. The first Road Board members held their meetings in a small timber and iron building with their first ever purchase being a billy, tea and sugar. After only three meetings, it was decided to shift the meeting venue to the new townsite of Corrigin as Kunjin was no longer under consideration as the major rail junction. Accordingly, in 1914, the district was renamed Corrigin. On 1 July 1961, it became a Shire under the Local Government Act 1960.[3]


The first ward system, established in 1914, divided the road district into the Wogerlin, Kurren-Kutten, Bullaring, Central, Dondakin and Kunjinn Wards.[4] The first two of these were abolished in 1988 and replaced with the Bilbarin Ward, and the Central Ward gradually increased in importance, reaching a peak of 5 of the 11 councillors then in place between 1992 and 1999.[3]

From 1 May 1999 until 19 October 2007, the Shire was divided into three wards, each electing three councillors:[5]

  • North Ward
  • Central Ward
  • South Ward

As of 20 October 2007, the council is undivided and all nine councillors represent the entire Shire.[6]

Towns and localitiesEdit


Year Population
1921 1,286
1933 1,845
1947 1,445
1954 1,894
1961 2,123
1966 2,099
1971 1,766
1976 1,736
1981 1,620
1986 1,450
1991 1,384
1996 1,276
2001 1,227
2006 1,145

Notable councillorsEdit

  • Brendon Grylls, Shire of Corrigin councillor 2000–2001; later a state MP


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