Shijūshida Dam

The Shijūshida Dam (四十四田ダム, Shijūshida damu) is a dam on the Kitakami River, located in Morioka, Iwate Prefecture on the island of Honshū, Japan.

Shijūshida Dam
Shijūshida Dam is located in Japan
Shijūshida Dam
Location of Shijūshida Dam in Japan
Official name四十四田ダム
LocationMorioka, Iwate, Japan
Coordinates39°45′10.2″N 141°08′54.5″E / 39.752833°N 141.148472°E / 39.752833; 141.148472Coordinates: 39°45′10.2″N 141°08′54.5″E / 39.752833°N 141.148472°E / 39.752833; 141.148472
Construction began1960
Opening date1968
Operator(s)Iwate Prefecture
Dam and spillways
Type of damConcrete gravity dam
ImpoundsKitakami River
Height50.0 meters
Length480.0 meters
CreatesNanbu-Katafuji Lake
Total capacity35,500,000 m3
Catchment area1196.7 km2
Surface area390.0 hectares
Power Station
Operator(s)Iwate Prefecture
Annual generation15,100 KW


Shijūshida Dam is the fourth in a series of five multipurpose dams built directly on the main stream of the Kitakami River, starting with the Tase Dam in 1941. The project was launched by the Economic Stabilization Bureau in 1947 following Typhoon Kathleen in September 1947 (which killed 1547 people). The need for a dam primarily for flood control was emphasized by Typhoon Ione in September of the following year, which killed an additional 1956 people. The dam was first completed by the Kajima Corporation in 1968.


The Shijūshida Dam was designed as a concrete gravity arch dam; however, since the rocks on both banks were weak, the dam was completed as a hybrid design with earthen dams on the sides and a concrete gravity dam in the center. The project was complicated by the extreme acidity of the water (reaching pH of 4.0) due to runoff from the Matsuo mine upstream. This acidity resulted in the use of special concrete and alloy materials. Generators for the associated hydroelectric power plant product 15,100 KW of electricity.


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