Serb National Alliance

The Serb National Alliance or Serbian People's Alliance of Republika Srpska (Serbian: Српски народни савез РС, Srpski narodni savez RS) was a Serb political party in Bosnia and Herzegovina, active in the Republika Srpska entity (one of two entities comprising the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina, where the majority of Bosnian Serbs live).

Serb National Alliance
Српски народни савез
Srpski narodni savez
FounderBiljana Plavšić
FoundedAugust 1997
Dissolvedpast 2006
Merged intoDemocratic People's Alliance
HeadquartersBanja Luka
Political positionCentre-right


Establishment and early yearsEdit

Due to a growing isolation of Republika Srpska after the peace was signed (14 December 1995), Biljana Plavšić severed her ties with the Serb Democratic Party and formed the Serb National Alliance,[1] and nominated Milorad Dodik, then member of the National Assembly of the Republika Srpska whose Alliance of Independent Social Democrats-party had only two MPs, for Prime Minister.

This marked the beginning of political reform in Republika Srpska and the cooperation with the International Community. She lost the 1998 election to the joint candidate of the Serb Democratic Party and the Serbian Radical Party of the Republika Srpska, Nikola Poplašen. She was a candidate of the reform Sloga ("Solidarity" or "Unity") coalition. Her political career was in decline until the release of the indictment by the ICTY, after which it was completely terminated.

National Assembly of Republika Srpska membershipEdit

The National Assembly is the legislative body of Republika Srpska. The current assembly is the seventh since the founding of the entity.

Parliament of Republika Srpska
Year Popular vote % of popular vote # of seats Seat change Government
1997 126,852 Unknown
15 / 83
1998 95,817 12.9%
12 / 83
  3 government
2000 14,239 2.3%
2 / 83
  10 opposition
2002 4,992 1.0%
1 / 83
  1 opposition

Positions heldEdit

President of Republika Srpska Years
Biljana Plavšić 1997–1998

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