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Seocho District (Korean서초구) is one of the 25 gu (local government districts) which make up the city of Seoul, South Korea. Seocho is generally referred to as a part of Greater Gangnam Area, along with Gangnam District. As of 2022, Seocho District ranks as the richest neighborhood in South Korea and among the most expensive areas in Seoul with an average sales price of 47.75 million South Korean won per 3.3 square meters.[3] South Korea's rich are concentrated in the three Gangnam districts including Seocho, known as Gangnam School District Eight(강남 8학군).[4]

서초구 · 瑞草區
Samsung Town, Also known as the Main headquarters for Samsung Group.
Samsung Town, Also known as the Main headquarters for Samsung Group.
Flag of Seocho
Location of Seocho-gu in Seoul
Location of Seocho-gu in Seoul
Coordinates: 37°29′01″N 127°01′57″E / 37.48361°N 127.03250°E / 37.48361; 127.03250Coordinates: 37°29′01″N 127°01′57″E / 37.48361°N 127.03250°E / 37.48361; 127.03250
CountrySouth Korea
Special CitySeoul
Administrative dong18
 • MayorJun Sung-soo (2022–) (People Power)
 • Total47.14 km2 (18.20 sq mi)
 • Total393,270
 • Density8,300/km2 (22,000/sq mi)
Time zoneUTC+9 (Korea Standard Time)
Postal code
06500 ~ 06899
Area code(s)+82-2-500(02 inside Korea)
WebsiteSeocho-gu official website

Seocho District is served by the Seoul Subway Line 2, Line 3, Line 4, Line 7, Bundang Line, Line 9, and Shinbundang Line. South Korea's longest highway, Gyeongbu Expressway, ends here. The most crowded area in Korea, Gangnam-daero Gangnam Station is located in Seocho District and half of this place's administration is managed by this district.


Administrative divisions

In South Korea, there are two types of dong or neighborhoods, one of which is called Beopjeong-dong (법정동 ) denoting "dong designated by law". The other is called Haengjeong-dong (행정동 ) referring to "dong assigned for administrative purpose". Beopjeong-dong has a long history, tradition or convention of each place, while as a population of residents in beopjeong-dong increases or decreases, the administration in charge divides one dong to several haengjeong-dong or integrates several beopjeong-dong to one haengjeong-dong such as the following example. Wonji-dong is a beopjeong-dong of Seocho District but is administered by the Yangjae 2-dong office. Seocho 1-dong is one of hangjeong-dongs of Seocho-dong.[5] The below are beopjeong-dong.



The area is home to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Prosecutors' Office. Seocho Samsung Town in Seocho-dong, near Gangnam Station, is the headquarters of several corporations of the Samsung Group including Samsung Electronics. Also in DaeRyung Scecho Tower is the headquarters of South Korean skincare and cosmetics manufacturer Skin Food.[6]

The infamous Sampoong Department Store collapse of 1995 happened in the district.

K-pop label Starship Entertainment (a Kakao Entertainment company) is also located in the area, as well as the electronics and music company Dreamus (a subsidiary of SK Telecom).

Seorae Village in Banpo-dong is a small French enclave, with a large concentration of French residents and European-style restaurants, dessert cafes, as well as wineries and cafes standing along its main street.[7]

Seoul Art Center is also located in Seocho District. It is the place where fireworks take place at the start of a new year.



Samsung Life headquarters building, Seocho-dong



(Gangnam-gu) ← Seoul National Univ. of EducationSeochoBangbae → (Dongjak-gu)
(Gangnam-gu) ← JamwonExpress Bus TerminalSeoul National Univ. of EducationNambu Bus TerminalYangjae (Seocho-gu Office) → (Gangnam-gu)
(Gangnam-gu) ← BanpoExpress Bus TerminalNaebang → (Dongjak-gu)
  • Seoul Metro Line 9 Corporation
(Dongjak-gu) ← GubanpoSinbanpoExpress Bus TerminalSapyeong → (Gangnam-gu)
GangnamYangjaeYangjae Citizen's Forest (Maeheon)Cheonggyesan → (Bundang-gu)


Torch Trinity Graduate University is located in Yangjae-dong, Seocho District.[8]

International schools in the district:

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