Saw Sala of Toungoo

Saw Sala (Burmese: စောစလာ, pronounced [sɔ́ səlà]) was the chief consort of Gov. Thawun Nge of Toungoo (Taungoo) from 1317 to 1324. After her husband's death, she became the regent on behalf of her young son Saw Hnit, and ran Toungoo for about a year. Her rule was unpopular. She and her son were overthrown by Chief Minister Kayin Ba in 1325. She escaped the coup at the governor's palace which killed Saw Hnit. But she died on the run near Taungdwingyi.[1]

Saw Sala
Vicereine of Toungoo
Tenurec. 23 June 1317 – 1324
Bornc. 1290s
near Taungdwingyi
SpouseThawun Nge
IssueSaw Hnit
ReligionTheravada Buddhism


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Saw Sala of Toungoo
Born: c. 1290s
Royal titles
Preceded by
Vicereine of Toungoo
c. 23 June 1317 – 1324
Succeeded by