Saw Hnit of Toungoo

Saw Hnit (Burmese: စောနှစ်, pronounced [sɔ́ n̥ɪʔ]; 1310s–1325) was governor of Toungoo from 1324 to 1325. He inherited the office after his father Thawun Nge's death in 1324. Because he was still a young adult, his mother Saw Sala ruled the Toungoo region, then a vassal state of Pinya. He was killed a year later during a coup organized by Chief Minister Kayin Ba, who had served under Toungoo rulers since 1279. Saw Sala escaped but died on the run near Taungdwingyi.[1]

Saw Hnit
Governor of Toungoo
Reign1324 – 1325
PredecessorThawun Nge
SuccessorKayin Ba
RegentSaw Sala
Bornc. 1310s
Toungoo (Taungoo)
Pinya Kingdom
Pinya Kingdom
FatherThawun Nge
MotherSaw Sala
ReligionTheravada Buddhism


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Saw Hnit of Toungoo
Born: c. 1310s Died: 1325
Royal titles
Preceded by
Thawun Nge
Governor of Toungoo
1324 – 1325
Succeeded by
Kayin Ba