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San Juan de los Morros (Spanish pronunciation: [saŋ ˈxwan de loz ˈmoros]) is the capital of the Guárico state and capital of the Juan Germán Roscio municipality, and is a town located in central Venezuela.

San Juan de los Morros
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Panoramic view of San Juan
and Monumento Natural Morros de San Juan
Flag of San Juan de los Morros
San Juan de los Morros is located in Venezuela
San Juan de los Morros
San Juan de los Morros
Coordinates: 09°54′39″N 67°21′29″W / 9.91083°N 67.35806°W / 9.91083; -67.35806Coordinates: 09°54′39″N 67°21′29″W / 9.91083°N 67.35806°W / 9.91083; -67.35806
CountryVenezuela Venezuela
MunicipalityJuan Germán Roscio Municipality
Founded26 May 1780
428.5 m (1,405.8 ft)
 • Total125,347
Time zoneUTC-4:30 (UTC)
postal code
area code0246



View of San Juan de los Morros.

Guarico is the fourth largest state in the country in terms of area, but not in population, as it has a low population density. San Juan de los Morros used to be part of Aragua state, but it was exchanged during the 1930s to Guarico state, and the town was later elevated to become capital of the state, replacing the former capital Ortiz.

Among the major features of the city are the Statue of San Juan Bautista (John the Baptist) which is 19.8 meters (62,3 ft) high, the Bandera Monument, Bolivar Plaza, the 'Los Morros de San Juan' monument, the historic place and monument known as "La Puerta" (The Gate), and the hot springs. The medicinal sulfuric content of the springs makes them a significant tourist attraction.

San Juan de los Morros has a climate of 24 to 32 degrees Celsius and is dominated by the surrounding mountains, which contrasts with the plains of the rest of the state. Typical dishes that originate from the Guarico area are: la cachapa, el pabellón criollo and arepas.

The city is connected to the South with Parapara and Ortiz by a national road. It is served by the Guarico Municipal Airport.


The city is home to regional channel TV Llano, and to three newspapers: El Nacionalista, La Antena and La Prensa del Llano.

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The city which has historical monuments and cultural centre

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