A dish in gastronomy is a specific food preparation, a "distinct article or variety of food",[1] ready to eat or to be served.

Pulao Mangsho, a traditional Indian pulao dish from Bangladesh and West Bengal, India, with condiments and yogurt.
A Chinese fried rice dish on a plate.

A dish may be served on tableware, or may be eaten in one's hands.

Instructions for preparing a dish are called recipes.

Some dishes, for example a hot dog with ketchup, rarely have their own recipes printed in cookbooks as they are made by simply combining two ready-to-eat foods.

Naming Edit

Many dishes have specific names, such as sauerbraten, while others have descriptive names, such as "broiled ribsteak". Many are named for particular places, sometimes because of a specific association with that place, such as Boston baked beans or bistecca alla fiorentina, and sometimes not: poached eggs Florentine essentially means "poached eggs with spinach".[2] Some are named for particular individuals:

Some dishes have many stories about their creation, which can sometimes make it difficult to know the true origin of the name of a dish.

See also Edit

  • Entrée – Dish served before the main course
  • Food presentation – art of modifying, processing, arranging, or decorating food to enhance its aesthetic appeal
  • Garnish (food) – Decoration added to food or drink

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