Saint-Volusien, Foix

The Church of Saint-Volusien is an abbatial church in Foix, Ariège in southwestern France. It already existed in the 12th century and was re-built and renovated several times.

Saint-Volusien abbatial church
Native name
French: Abbatiale Saint-Volusien
Eglise st volusien de foix.jpg
The abbatial church seen from the castle.
TypeRoman Catholic abbatial church
LocationFoix, Ariège
Coordinates42°58′01″N 1°36′24″E / 42.96690°N 1.60669°E / 42.96690; 1.60669Coordinates: 42°58′01″N 1°36′24″E / 42.96690°N 1.60669°E / 42.96690; 1.60669
BuiltMiddle Ages
Architectural style(s)Romanesque
Governing bodyAugustinians
Official nameÉglise Saint-Volusien
DesignatedJuly 30, 1964
Reference no.PA00093794
Official nameOrgue de tribune : buffet d'orgue
DesignatedNovember 17, 1997
Reference no.PM09000984
Saint-Volusien, Foix is located in Occitanie
Saint-Volusien, Foix
Location of Saint-Volusien abbatial church in Occitanie


In 1104, the Canons Regular of Saint Augustine (Augustinians) took possession of the abbey that housed the relics of saint Volusianus of Tours.[1] They decided to build a three-nave church with a transept. In the 14th century, the Romanesque apse was replaced with a polygonal choir.

During the French Wars of Religion, the abbey was destroyed and the relics were burnt. The reconstruction works started in 1609 and probably ended around 1670 when the new vault was installed. The Medieval church still has remnants of the portal and the base of the nave's walls.[2]

The church was classified as a Historic Monument in 1964.[3]


The church already had an organ in 1502, but little is known about it.[4]

The churrent 40-stops romantic organ was installed by Leroy-Legendre & Fermis père & fils in 1869 and restored by Lucien Simon and Jean-Pascal Villard in 2004.[4] It was classified as a Historic Monument object on November 17, 1997.[5]



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