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The Swedish Women's Hockey League (Swedish: Svenska damhockeyligan), abbreviated SDHL, is the elite league for women's ice hockey in Sweden. It was established in 2007 as the Riksserien by the Swedish Ice Hockey Association and was renamed prior to the 2016–17 season.[1][2] The league has ten teams and employs a system of promotion and relegation with the Damettan. The unexpected withdrawal of Göteborg HC after playing only thirteen games of the 2022–23 season caused the number of teams to decrease to nine for the remainder of that season.[3]

Swedish Women's Hockey League
Svenska damhockeyligan (Swedish)
Upcoming season or competition:
Current sports event 2022–23 SDHL season
Logo SDHL.png
FormerlyRiksserien (2008–2016)
SportIce hockey
Founded2007 (2007)
FounderSwedish Ice Hockey Association
Inaugural season2007–08
PresidentAgne Bengtsson
No. of teams9
Country Sweden
Most recent
Most titlesLuleå HF/MSSK (5 titles)
TV partner(s)C More Sport, SVT
Relegation toDamettan
Swedish Hockey League
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Bodychecking was allowed for the 2022–23 season.[4]


When a game is tied after regulation, a sudden death overtime is played with only four skaters per team for maximum 10 minutes (or 20 minutes in the playoffs). If the game is still tied after overtime, the winner is decided by game winning shots.

The regular season is a double round-robin tournament, with each team playing twice at home and twice away against every other team, resulting in a 36-game regular season per team. After the regular season, the top six teams qualify for the Women's Swedish Championship playoffs (Swedish: SM-slutspel damer). The two teams with the best regular season records in the SDHL are given a bye to the semifinals, with the remaining four qualified teams starting in the quarterfinals. In the quarterfinals, team 3 gets to pick their choice of opponent between teams 5 and 6, leaving the remaining club to meet team 4. In the semifinals the first ranked team chooses an opponent from the two winners of the quarterfinals. The playoffs are all best-of-three series, with the higher ranked team starting with one match away, followed by the remaining two at home.

The two teams with the worst records in the regular season are forced to play a qualifier to defend their spots in the SDHL against challengers from Damettan.


From the formation of the SDHL in 2007, Luleå HF/MSSK have been the most successful club, winning five Swedish Championships. Luleå has been the most successful regular season team, finishing on top of the league five times. Modo Hockey Dam was the first team from outside the Stockholm area to win the championship with their victory in 2012.

2022–23 teamsEdit

Team City Arena Head coach Captain
AIK   Solna Ritorps Ishall Carl Wendt Sara Säkkinen
Brynäs IF   Gävle Monitor ERP Arena Filip Eriksson Rosa Lindstedt
Djurgårdens IF   Stockholm Hovet Rickard Hårdstam Josefine Holmgren
HV71   Jönköping Husqvarna Garden Peter Hammarström Sanni Hakala
Leksands IF   Leksand Tegera Arena Jordan Colliton Abby Thiessen
Linköping HC   Linköping Stångebro Ishall Simon Hedefalk Madelen Haug Hansen
Luleå HF/MSSK   Luleå Coop Norrbotten Arena Mikael Forsberg Jenni Hiirikoski
MoDo Hockey   Örnsköldsvik Hägglunds Arena Jared Cipparone Olivia Carlsson
SDE Hockey   Danderyd Enebybergs Ishall Jan Bylesjö Kelly Murray

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Previous winnersEdit

Regular season championsEdit

Swedish Champions (playoff winners)Edit


While average attendance in the SDHL has been significantly lower than other professional leagues in Sweden and the National Women's Hockey League in North America, attendance has tended towards increasing as the league receives greater investment and promotion, and as women's clubs have been less neglected by their parent organisations. There exists a considerable disparity in attendance between clubs, with Luleå HF/MSSK having led the league in attendance ever single year since the club's formation, often with almost ten time greater attendance than the worst attended club. Playoff attendance has also tended to be much higher than regular season attendance, averaging almost 900 per match in 2017–18 and 2018–19.

SDHL Regular Season Attendance
Season Average Highest Lowest
2013–14 Riksserien season 114 Munksund Skuthamn SK (205) Segeltorps IF (59)
2014–15 Riksserien season 102 Munksund Skuthamn SK (132) IF Sundsvall Hockey (54)
2015–16 Riksserien season 141 Luleå HF/MSSK (468) IF Sundsvall Hockey (57)
2016–17 SDHL season 179 Luleå HF/MSSK (542) SDE Hockey (54)
2017–18 SDHL season 192 Luleå HF/MSSK (442) SDE Hockey (65)
2018–19 SDHL season 234 Luleå HF/MSSK (831) SDE Hockey (42)
2019–20 SDHL season 178 Luleå HF/MSSK (539) SDE Hockey (48)


League recordsEdit

As of 8 April 2022

Individual recordsEdit

  • Most goals in a season: Andrea Dalen, 47 goals (36 games, 2015–16)
  • Most assists in a season: Lara Stalder, 55 assists (33 games, 2021–22)
  • Most points in a season: Lara Stalder, 89 points (33 games, 2021–22)
  • Most points in a season, defenceman: Sidney Morin, 65 points (36 games, 2020–21)
  • Most penalty minutes in a season: Jenn Wakefield, 90 PIM (31 games, 2020–21)
  • Most shutouts in a season: Florence Schelling, 10 shutouts (31 games, 2017–18)
  • Best save percentage in a season, minimum 1/3 of games played: Kim Martin Hasson, .956 (17 games, 2014–15)
  • Beat goals against average in a season, minimum 1/3 of games played: Kim Martin Hasson, 1.06 GAA (17 games, 2014–15)

Club recordsEdit

  • Most points in a season: 99, HV71 in 2019–20
  • Highest attendance in a regular season match: 6,220[8]Luleå HF/MSSK vs. AIK Hockey, 16 November 2018
  • Highest attendance in a playoff match: 7,765[9]Brynäs IF vs. Luleå HF/MSSK at Monitor ERP Arena, 7 April 2022 (Game 5 of the 2022 Swedish Championship finals)

All-time leading scorersEdit

The top-ten point-scorers (goals + assists) in SDHL history.

Note: Nat = Nationality; Pos = Position; GP = Games played; G = Goals; A = Assists; Pts = Points; P/G = Points per game

Nat Player Pos GP G A Pts P/G
  Denise Altmann RW 337 277 286 563 1.67
  Emma Nordin C 376 210 262 472 1.26
  Erika Grahm LW/C 385 179 212 391 1.02
  Line Bialik Øien LW/RW 322 186 200 386 1.20
  Lisa Johansson RW/LW 425 220 142 362 0.85
  Andrea Schjelderup Dalen LW 283 199 145 344 1.22
  Lara Stalder C/D 159 162 179 341 2.14
  Anna Borgqvist C 371 141 197 338 0.91
  Josefine Jakobsen C 277 149 165 314 1.13
  Michelle Karvinen RW/LW 152 141 173 314 2.07

Source: [10]

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