Swedish Ice Hockey Association

The Swedish Ice Hockey Association (Swedish: Svenska Ishockeyförbundet (SIF)) in Swedish, is an association of Swedish ice hockey clubs. It was established in Stockholm on 17 November 1922 by representatives from seven clubs.[1] Before then, organized ice hockey in Sweden had been administered by the Swedish Football Association. In 1920, Sweden became a member of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). In addition to ice hockey, SIF is also responsible for inline hockey.

Association nameSwedish Ice Hockey Association
Founded17 November 1922 (1922-11-17)
IIHF membership23 March 1912
PresidentAnders Larsson
IIHF men's ranking4th (2020)
IIHF women's ranking9th (2020)

The association's general secretary is Tommy Boustedt.

Leagues and levels edit

The Swedish Ice Hockey Association is involved in all levels of ice hockey in Sweden. It organizes the two Swedish Championship leagues, the men's Swedish Hockey League (SHL) and Swedish Women's Hockey League (SDHL), in addition to other national, regional, and district leagues and tournaments.

Regional Districts

Region Syd Region Väst Region Öst Region Norr
Blekinge Dalarna Gotland Jämtland/Härjedalen
Bohuslän/Dal Gästrikland Stockholm Medelpad
Göteborg Hälsingland Södermanland Norrbotten
Skåne Värmland Uppland Västerbotten
Småland Västmanland Ångermanland
Västergötland Örebro län

National teams edit

Sweden has eight national hockey teams:

Chairmen edit

The following have served as chairman.[2]

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