Rungsted Kyst station

Rungsted Kyst station (meaning literally "the coast of Rungsted") is a railway station serving the suburb of Rungsted on the coast of North Zealand north of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Rungsted Kyst
DSB station
Rungsted stasjon.jpg
Rungsted Kyst Station in 2008
General information
LocationVestre Stationsvej 7
2960 Rungsted
Coordinates55°52′56″N 12°31′54″E / 55.88222°N 12.53167°E / 55.88222; 12.53167Coordinates: 55°52′56″N 12°31′54″E / 55.88222°N 12.53167°E / 55.88222; 12.53167
Owned byBanedanmark
Line(s)Coast Line
Preceding station DSB Following station
towards Helsingør
Coast Line Vedbæk
towards Malmö C
towards Helsingør
ElsinoreRoskilde Østerport
towards Roskilde
Rungsted Kyst is located in Denmark
Rungsted Kyst
Rungsted Kyst
Location within Denmark

The station is located on the Coast Line between Helsingør and Copenhagen. The train services are currently operated by the railway company DSB Øresund which runs a frequent Oresundtrain service between Helsingør and Malmö.

Rungsted Kyst is famous due to a range of Danish celebrity who grew up in the area including Simon Spies, wealthy eccentric and airline director, and Karen Blixen, world-famous writer. Johannes Ewald, well known Danish poet and writer, wrote about his happy convalescing there.

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