Rungsted, also known as Rungsted Kyst is an affluent suburban neighborhood in Hørsholm Municipality on the Øresund coast north of Copenhagen, Denmark. The center of Hørsholm is located two kilometers west of Rungsted. At the Øresund coast is Rungsted Harbour, a marina.


Rungsted Kro in the late 1830s
Rungsted Harbour painted by Emanuel Larsen in 1847

The name Rungsted is first recorded in 1346 in the form Runæstigh. The name may be derived from Old Danish runi meaning and sti' 'svinesti', later changed to sted.[1] Alternatively the first part of the name may refer to the small waves that are characteristic of the Øresund.[2]

Rungsted's inn, Rungsted Kro, is first mentioned in the beginning of the 16th century but it is probably much older.[3] The inn moved in 1803, and the buildings were renamed Rungstedlund.


Rungsted Marina has room for approximately 800 boats. It is home to many restaurants, including a MASH steakhouse and a Sticks'n'Sushi.


The neighborhood has many sports facilities and venues, and the ice hockey club Rungsted IK is housed in Rungsted Skøjtehal.


Rungsted also has a train station - Rungsted Kyst Station.

Notable residentsEdit

Karen Blixen, 1957

Cultural referencesEdit

  • Johannes Ewald lived from March 1773 to autumn 1775 at the then Rungsted Inn, where he had some of his most productive years and wrote Rungsteds Lyksaligheder - En Ode.

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