Romsdalshornet is a mountain in the municipality of Rauma in Møre og Romsdal county, Norway. The mountain is located 10 kilometres (6.2 mi) southeast of the town of Åndalsnes, along the Rauma River in the Romsdalen valley. The Rauma railway line and the European route E136 highway both pass by the mountain. The mountain Store Venjetinden lies 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) east of the mountain and 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) to the west (across the valley) lies the mountain Store Trolltind—part of the Troll Wall/Trollryggen ridge.

654. Romsdalen, Romsdalshorn - no-nb digifoto 20151109 00008 bldsa AL0654 crop.jpg
Romsdalshornet seen from the valley
Credit: Axel Lindahl, 1890
Highest point
Elevation1,550 m (5,090 ft)
Prominence410 m (1,350 ft)
Coordinates62°29′29″N 7°47′09″E / 62.4913°N 7.7859°E / 62.4913; 7.7859Coordinates: 62°29′29″N 7°47′09″E / 62.4913°N 7.7859°E / 62.4913; 7.7859[1]
Map of the location
Map of the location
Location of the mountain
Map of the location
Map of the location
Romsdalshornet (Norway)
LocationMøre og Romsdal, Norway
Parent rangeRomsdalsalpane
Topo map1319 II Romsdalen
First ascentca. 1828 by Christen Smed & Hans Bjermeland
Easiest routeClimbing
«Landskap» (Landscape) by Peder Cappelen Thurmann, Nationalmuseum, Stockholm.

Romsdalshornet is a popular mountain for climbing, which is best done in late summer. Descent by rappel is recommended.


The first "official" ascent was 1 September 1881 by the Danish climber, Carl Hall, together with Norwegians, Erik Norahagen and Mathias Soggemoen. They arrived only to discover a cairn set up by Christen Smed and Hans Bjermeland around 1828. Previously none believed Romsdalshornet had really summitted until Hall discovered their cairn.[2][3]

Arne Randers Heen made the first winter ascent of Romsdalshorn in 1930.

Romsdalshornet at Romsdalen valley and Åndalsnes town (right hand)

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