yr.no is a Norwegian website and a mobile app for weather forecasting and dissemination of other types of meteorological information hosted by the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation in collaboration with the Norwegian Meteorological Institute. The website was launched in September 2007.[1]

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Type of site
Weather forecasts
Available inNorwegian (Bokmål and Nynorsk),
Northern Sami,
OwnerNorwegian Broadcasting Corporation and the Norwegian Meteorological Institute
LaunchedSeptember 19, 2007
Current statusActive

The word yr means drizzle in Norwegian.[2]

Weather models and updating frequency edit

Yr.no generates weather forecasts for millions of places around the world. Its 3-day forecast uses two different weather models with a 2.5 km resolution in Scandinavia and the Norwegian islands, and for other places, the ECMWF's IFS model in high-resolution configuration (HRES), with a 9 km resolution.[3]

For the 10 day forecast, yr.no employs the ECMWF-ENS model with an 18 km resolution for Norwegian territories, and for the rest of the world, IFS-HRES with a 9 km resolution.[3]

Outside of Scandinavia, the 3-day forecasts are updated every six hours, and the 10-day forecasts every 12 hours.[4]

Information sources edit

In addition to data from the Norwegian Meteorological Institute, yr.no uses open data from various collaborators such as

It also collects information from different types of private weather stations.[5]

References edit

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