Roman Catholic Diocese of Amarillo

The Roman Catholic Diocese of Amarillo (Latin: Dioecesis Amarillensis) is a Roman Catholic diocese in Amarillo, Texas. It was founded on August 3, 1926 out of territory taken from the Diocese of Dallas[1] and the Diocese of San Antonio on the same day that the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of San Antonio, its metropolitan see, was elevated to metropolitan status, replacing New Orleans.[2]

Diocese of Amarillo

Dioecesis Amarillensis
Coat of Arms Diocese of Amarillo, TX.svg
Country United States of America
TerritoryPanhandle of Texas
Ecclesiastical provinceProvince of San Antonio
Area25,800 sq mi (67,000 km2)
- Total
- Catholics
(as of 2012)
50,237 (11.7%)
DenominationRoman Catholic
RiteRoman Rite
EstablishedAugust 3, 1926
CathedralSt. Mary's Cathedral
Current leadership
BishopPatrick Zurek
Bishop of Amarillo
Metropolitan ArchbishopGustavo Garcia-Siller
Archbishop of San Antonio
Bishops emeritusJohn Walter Yanta
Diocese of Amarillo in Texas.jpg


Bishops of AmarilloEdit

The list of bishops and their terms of service:

  1. Rudolph Gerken (1926–1933), appointed Archbishop of Santa Fe
  2. Robert Emmet Lucey (1934–1941), appointed Archbishop of San Antonio
  3. Laurence Julius FitzSimon (1941–1958)
  4. John Louis Morkovsky (1958–1963), appointed Bishop of Galveston-Houston
  5. Lawrence Michael De Falco (1963–1979)
  6. Leroy Theodore Matthiesen (1980–1997)
  7. John Walter Yanta (1997–2008)
  8. Patrick Zurek (2008–present)

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