"Rokkugo" (Korean: 로꾸거!!!) is the first CD single by Super Junior-T, released on February 23, 2007. Over 45,997 copies were sold by the end of the year, marking it Korea's sixteenth best-selling record and #1 best-selling single of 2007.[1] "Rokuko" has been one of Super Junior's most well-known songs.

Super Junior-T - Rokuko album art.jpg
Single by Super Junior-T
B-side"First Express"
ReleasedFebruary 23, 2007
FormatCD single, DVD
GenreK-Pop, trot, novelty, dance-pop
LabelSM Entertainment, Avex Asia
Producer(s)Lee Soo Man
Super Junior-T singles chronology
"Rock & Go"

Super Junior-T re-released this single in Japan on November 5, 2008, collaborating with the Japanese female comedy duo, Moeyan.[2]


Rokkugo, (로꾸거) is "gokkuro" (거꾸로) spelled backwards, a term meaning "backwards" or "opposite." The single is promoted as a trot single, although heavy modern K-pop influences can be heard in each track, such as rap and stylized modern K-pop rhythms. The music video features fellow label mate Isak as a comedic rabbit who was playing Whack A Mole with the members as the targets. Although trot music are usually more accepted by the older audience because of its older style of K-pop, Super Junior-T's "Rokuko" has been well-accepted by young audiences as each track in the single are bending more towards a new style of trot to attract the attention of the young audience, hoping to make traditional trot music more accepting in mainstream music.

Three more EPs were released after the single was released in Taiwan. A music video and making video of "Rokkugo" is included in the package.

Track listingEdit

Korea "Rokkuko" singleEdit

  1. 로꾸거!!! (Rokkugo)
  2. 첫차 (featuring 방실이) (First Express)
  3. 나 같은건 없는건가요 (Don't Go Away)
  4. 로꾸거!!! (Rokuko) [Instrumental]
  5. 첫차 (featuring 방실이) (First Express) [Instrumental]
  6. 나 같은건 없는건가요 (Don't Go Away) [Instrumental]

Taiwan "Rokkugo" special edition (EP+DVD)Edit

  1. 로꾸거!!! (Rokkugo)
  2. 첫차 (featuring 방실이) (First Express)
  3. 나 같은건 없는건가요 (Don't Go Away)
  4. 로꾸거!!! (Rokkugo) [Instrumental]
  5. 첫차 (featuring 방실이) (First Express) [Instrumental]
  6. 나 같은건 없는건가요 (Don't Go Away) [Instrumental]


  1. 31 minutes of the Making of "로꾸거!!!" (Rokuko) and music video

Japanese releaseEdit

"Rock & Go"
Single by Super Junior-T and Moeyan
A-side"Rock & Go"
B-side"Ashita no Tameni (For Tomorrow)"
ReleasedNovember 5, 2008
FormatCD single, DVD
GenreJ-pop, Trot, Dance-pop
LabelRhythm Zone
Super Junior-T and Moeyan singles chronology
"Rock & Go"

"Rock & Go", also known as "65" (in Japanese language represents Japanese terms for numbers six (roku) and five (go)), is Super Junior-T's second single and first Japanese CD single. The single features Japanese comedic duo Moeyan. "Rock & Go" also marks Moeyan's first musical debut.

"Rock & Go" is the Japanese version of "Rokkugo", and was released in Japan on November 5, 2008. The single debuted at #19 on the Oricon Daily Charts[3] and jumped to #2 three days later.[4]

The single peaked at number fourteen in the Oricon Weekly Albums Chart and charted for two weeks.[5]

Track listEdit


  1. Rokkugo!
  2. Ashita no Tameni (For Tomorrow) / Sungmin (SUPER JUNIOR-T) X Moeyan
  3. Rokkugo! (Instrumental)
  4. Ashita no Tameni (For Tomorrow) (Instrumental)
  5. Ashita no Tameni (For Tomorrow) (Instrumental with Sungmin)

CD + DVDEdit

  1. Rokkugo! (video clip)
  2. SUPER JUNIOR-T x Moeyan Trip (promotional clips)


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