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Richland County Sheriff's Department

The Richland County Sheriff's Department (RCSD) is the agency charged with the law enforcement for the unincorporated areas of Richland County, South Carolina, USA. Since 1997, the agency has been led by Sheriff Leon Lott. The RCSD employs 700 sworn deputies.[1]

Richland County Sheriff's Department
RCSD Patch.gif
Agency overview
Legal jurisdictionCounty

Sworn members700
Unsworn members140
Agency executive



The RCSD was formed in 1787, two years after Richland County's formation.[2] The first sheriff was Joel McLemore, and he had only one deputy. The RCSD slowly grew to several deputies providing law enforcement services to the county. However, because of the jurisdictional conflict between the local rural police and constables, South Carolina and Richland County prior to 1861 were a lawless domain.

The RCSD was also one the first departments in the U.S. to be followed by Live PD, a television series that shows the work of law-enforcement officers in real-time, unedited. They remain as a regular department on the show today.


Deputies are issued the Glock 17 9mm handgun as the standard issue pistol. The agency was one of the first agencies to issue the FN P90 5.7x28mm sub-machine gun in the United States.[3]

Rank StructureEdit

RANK Sheriff Undersheriff Chief Deputy Deputy Chief Major Captain
RANK First Lieutenant Lieutenant First Sergeant Master Sergeant Sergeant First Class Staff Sergeant
RANK Sergeant Senior Corporal/Senior Investigator Corporal/Investigator Master Deputy Senior Deputy Deputy

Fallen Deputies and K9sEdit

As of December 12, 2017, the RCSD has six fallen deputies and one fallen K9, for a total of seven fallen members.[4]

Rank and Name Date Cause of Death
Deputy Sheriff Allen F. Bennett June 20, 1953 Gunfire
Deputy Sheriff John Mark Dial April 17, 1992 Vehicular assault
Deputy Sheriff Edward Joseph Alva December 24, 1992 Accidental Gunfire
Deputy Sheriff (Narcotics Officer) Donnie Reno Washington October 16, 2003 Automobile crash
Deputy Sheriff Byron Keith Cannon May 4, 2005 Automobile crash
Deputy Sheriff Darral Keith Lane December 14, 2007 Heart attack
K9 Fargo December 16, 2011 Gunfire


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