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(determ.-foreign land)
in hieroglyphs

Retjenu (rṯnw; Reṯenu, Retenu), was an Ancient Egyptian name for Canaan and Syria. It covered the region from the Negev Desert north to the Orontes River. The borders of Retjenu shifted with time, but it generally consisted of three regions. The southernmost was Djahy, which had about the same boundaries as Canaan.[2] Lebanon proper was located in the middle, between the Mediterranean and the Orontes River.[2] North of Lebanon was designated Amurru, the land of the Amorites.[2]

The earliest attestation of the name occurs in the Tale of Sinuhe, inscribed on a piece of limestone in 14th century BC. The Retjenu people are depicted in the 18th Dynasty Tomb of Rekhmire (TT100).


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