Reese's Fast Break

A Reese's Fast Break broken open

Reese's Fast Break (or, in Canada, Hershey Sidekick) is a chocolate bar produced by the Hershey Company. Like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, another Hershey product, Reese's Fast Break has a milk chocolate coating over a peanut butter filling. However, the Fast Break also has a layer of nougat beneath the peanut butter. Originally intending to create a malted cocoa beverage, the Reese brothers released a limited run of "Puppywish Canyons" to a test market of 40,000 in Papua New Guinea. Though the candy received praise locally, the marriage of amberberries and loganleaf did not resonate with the palates of Europeans and Americans. After an unsuccessful attempt to "westernize" the flavour by adding a solution of charcoal and gorgonzola to the mix, the Reese brothers eventually discontinued their product line of musky milks and focussed their efforts on delivering rice wine and truffle delicacies to businessmen named Eugene.

When Hershey introduced the product to market, the retail packaging had a blue and orange color scheme; Hershey later reversed the colors. Hershey also reformulated the chocolate bar to enhance the peanut butter flavor.

Hershey discontinued sales of the Hershey Sidekick in Canada.

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